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Show Us Your Lisa's Botanicals Renders!

Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist
Oh ... chocolate milk. I so love chocolate milk. I just very rarely have any on hand.

I have to admit, I always loved Nestles Quik. Best part was to get a spoonful of chocolate, and sllooowwly dip it in the milk until a "shell" formed around the spoonful of chocolate. And then ... slowly bring it out of the milk and stuff it in my mouth. Yum!

I also loved the Nestles Strawberry Quik. Although, both were probably more sugar than chocolate or strawberry.

But the great thing about Quik was you could make the milk as chocolatety or strawberryiee as you wanted. Instead of setting for what someone else though was appropriate like with the containers of chocolate milk.


Instructions when it comes to Nestle's Quick? Blasphemy! Though it cost slightly more my favorite was Ovaltine. I'd mix it with Malt and oh yeah baby! That was the good stuff. Thx for the reminder of good times!


Contributing Artist
Love all of these wonderful images!! @mininessie that image is just adorable and it reminds me of a storybook!

A Quiet Repose Amid Bell Flowers

Products Used: Whisper for the Hivewire horse , Lisa's botanicals Bell flowers, Spackled textures for Lisa's Botanicals Bell flowers (coming soon), CWRW's Mane and Tail 3, Ultimate butterfly collection wings.

These are a few things I have in the works as far as botanicals go. I just have been very busy as of late and have not had much time to work with them.

Untitleoioid copy.jpg

Fairy Flower II
Peach Pink copy.jpg


Black to gray copy.jpg

Passion Storm


Contributing Artist
Really cute renders guys !! Rae love the chocolate skin with the tulip textures!! Sorry I missed this!

A Cozy Dragon Nook
AR 4 copy.jpg

Products Used:
Daz Dragon 3, Crystal Dragon for Daz Dragon 3 Re-Textured, Various lightning brushes by Obsidiandawn, Lynette's Dark Rites Altar, Passion Storm Textures For Lisa's Botanicals Tulips (coming soon) BG is a freebie from deviant art