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  1. C

    Millenium Dog

    Not sure if I am on the right thread here but here goes. I bought from DAZ the Mill Dog Bundle. One thing I reallly need for this dog is a Border Collie long hair black and white skin/coat for it. Not so much the morph as I can use the wolf morph to a certain extent although a border collie...
  2. Alisa

    Members Mugs (Mugshots)

    Come one, come all...if you're not too shy, share some images of yourselves! I am typically not someone who shares pictures of me, but I'll make an exception here and start by posting images of the HiveWire Crew! I have had the pleasure of meeting both Lisa & Chris in the last 2 years This is...
  3. Chris

    Show Us Your Lisa's Botanicals Renders!

    I'm very grateful to have Lisa as a business partner. I'm grateful to her for the confidence and courage she's exhibited by jumping into creating HiveWire 3D with me. Even as a Wife and Mother first, she's made time to focus on nursing this lil' HiveWire baby along and is nurturing it, coaxing...