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Terms and rules

Terms of Service

Here at HiveWire 3D we operate based on five guiding principles: We Create, We Collaborate, We Communicate, We Commit, We Care. These guiding principles set the tone for the environment that we want to foster within our website. As a visitor to HiveWire 3D, it is your responsibility to know, and adhere to the Terms of Service. HiveWire 3D reserves the right to change, alter or modify the Terms of Service as needed. All postings, past and present are subject to the most current terms of service. This Terms of Service (the "Policy") is intended to provide you with notice of the following:

  • Right to Refuse Service
  • User Conduct
  • Content Restrictions
  • Commercial Threads
  • Zero Tolerance Policy
  • Remedies to Unacceptable Conduct
  • Communications
  • Copyright Policy

If you have any questions, complaints, or comments regarding this Policy, please contact HiveWire 3D Support.

I. Right to Refuse Service

HiveWire 3D reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. There shall be no discrimination with respect to any user by reasons of age, race, creed, color, national origin, political or religious affiliation, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, place of residence, or physical disability (see Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964). HiveWire 3D has a zero tolerance policy for any illegal or otherwise unlawful acts within this website and will actively enforce such.

By visiting this website, you affirm and agree that you have read this document and will review it from time to time as HiveWire 3D reserves the right to make changes to these guidelines as is deemed necessary, and that you will adhere to all codes and terms listed within this TOS in all areas of the website(s).

II. User Conduct

Users of this website and all associated services are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is constructive and respectful of others at all times. Additionally, we hope that each user will work to build a culture of collaboration and positive reinforcement, so we can all share our passion for art while developing our personal ambitions and friendships.

Users will NOT use this community for:

  • Any practices that affect the normal operations of the community (Admins will take whatever steps are necessary to restore service).
  • Transmitting any libelous, defamatory, or any other material that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under the law.
  • Personal attacks. This includes, but is not limited to, destructive, abusive, defamatory communications in any form, and retaliatory attacks from personal attacks. If you need assistance, please communicate with someone from our HiveWire 3D Support Team.
  • Destructive commentary/communications made with the intent to disrupt or attack (Trolling). This applies to any communications within this community, whether in the forums, art galleries, graffiti wall, chat, blogs, sitemail or article opinions.
  • Advertising or linking to any publications and/or web sites that are sexually explicit , and/or pornographic in nature.

III. Content Restrictions

ALL content posted in, or linked to from the HiveWire website or services, including, but not limited to blog posts, forum posts, product submissions, avatars, thumbnails, and gallery images MUST adhere to the following guidelines:

  • No Character attacks, which could be interpreted as defamation of character, slander, and libelous.
  • Images may not show bare female nipple, genitals, bare groin, bare natal cleft, or anus, of the humanoid figures.
  • Images that may be considered overly sexual in nature, may be reviewed by the staff of this site as to its appropriateness.
  • Images will not display the act of sexual copulation, masturbation, or oral sex.
  • Images will not display rape, torture, or the act of physical mutilation.
  • Images that may appear gratuitously violent will be reviewed by the staff of this site for its appropriateness for inclusion in the gallery.
  • Images that contain depictions of children are especially sensitive and will be reviewed even more strictly than other such images.
  • Images that may be considered as an attack on a person or their beliefs will be reviewed for its appropriateness in the gallery.
  • The HiveWire 3D gallery is intended for works of art only and not for advertising purposes. Any image that can be construed as a "product shot" may be removed at the discretion of the staff. However, a listing of the products used in an image is acceptable and encouraged.  


Every effort will be made to inform the author of a removed image of the reason(s) for the removal. The author of a removed image may request a reconsideration if they feel that the image does not violate the posted rules above. In this case a majority of the staff will decide whether the image conforms to the posted rules, and the appropriate action will be taken. Please keep in mind that the moderators, administration, and staff always reserve the right to make a judgment call with any such images. Although this can be a rather subjective area, all decisions will be based on the purpose and audience of this website.

Posting of commercial images/links is limited to active vendors of products in the HiveWire 3D marketplace.

Users that violate the rules listed above will be notified by a member of the HiveWire 3D team. Warnings will be noted in the user's record. Continual violation of the rules will result in a temporary ban. Habitual rule violations can result in a permanent ban.

If you have a problem with any post or image, please contact any user of our staff for assistance. Any post, image or writings can be removed at the discretion of the staff if it is deemed unsuitable. Conversely there may be some images which, whilst in apparent violation of the rules, will be permitted to stay in the interests of free speech and religious tolerance. In such cases the artist may be asked to furnish reasons why the image should be permitted to stay and the decision of the HiveWire 3D staff will be final.

IV. Commercial Threads

The following rules are being enforced to avoid a level of commercial advertising in the forums which would constitute interference with the stated purpose of the forums:

  • Commercial threads are permitted only for products that are being sold through HiveWire 3D, or in the case of Work In Progress thread products that are being created by HiveWire Contributing Artists with the intention that they will be sold through HiveWire 3D.
  • Threads that point or link to items in other stores are deemed to be Commercial Advertising and should be posted in "Across The Community" forum. Refer to Across The Community forum for specific detail.
  • HiveWire Contributing Artists may create a commercial thread in either the General Discussion forum OR a more specific sub-forum.
  • As a courtesy to other merchants please do not use someone else’s promotional thread to promote another product.
  • Commercial threads must be posted by the product author, or one of the authors in the case of multi-author packages.
  • Contributing Artists may post a maximum of one commercial thread per week.
  • Commercial threads may be started only for New Products or Products that are newly on sale.
  • Threads that constitute a Work in Progress for a commercial product count as commercial threads.
  • The subject lines/titles of a commercial thread may not contain prices or discount amounts. This covers numerical, symbolic and explicit references.

V. Zero Tolerance Policy

HiveWire 3D maintains a zero tolerance policy on certain behaviors within the community. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Any threats of physical harm, property damage or acts of violence toward another individual, or group of individuals.
  • Fraudulent use of credit cards or refusing to pay for items received from the HiveWire 3D Store.
  • Soliciting, trading or distributing products illegally (warez). This includes, but is not limited to, requests and/or distribution of computer software, digital products, software security overrides, serial numbers and/or continued use or possession of illegal products (warez).
  • Intentional practices that affect the normal operations of the community (Admins will take whatever steps are necessary to restore service).
  • Any user found to be impersonating a moderator or Admin of HiveWire 3D will have his/her usership revoked.
  • Any user found to be transmitting, or is otherwise connected with any 'spam' or other unsolicited bulk email.
  • Users found practicing these behaviors will immediately have their usership revoked, and access to the community permanently blocked from the community including any duplicate accounts for the same person. HiveWire 3D considers this information private and confidential. However, there may be certain situations that necessitate otherwise. The appropriate legal authorities will be contacted, and if appropriate charges may be filed.

VI. Remedies to Unacceptable Conduct

We encourage discussions on a range of art related topics as well as the exchange of ideas and feedback, however if posts become disruptive, hateful, or are found to be in violation of the aforementioned guidelines, then action will be taken.

Here is an outline of the chain of events that we will follow towards making corrections within the forum:

  • An official warning is given to all parties involved. These warnings will be logged, but they will be kept away from public view.
  • If the official warning is ignored, or the problem recurs from the same member, then the member will have all forum privileges suspended (for an undetermined period of time).
  • Anyone violating these Terms of Service after reinstatement from suspension will be banned outright, including all known "clone" accounts of the person being banned.
  • Further legal action will be taken as deemed necessary by HiveWire 3D.

Moderators will actively remedy any situations that arise which conflict with these Terms of Service. If you have any questions or concerns about moderator actions please open a support ticket or contact the moderation team at support@hivewire3d.com; do not make a forum post on the issue as it will be removed.

Specifics actions which will be taken include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Deletion and/or locking of all posts or threads where any illegal activity, (such as Warez requests, or posting of inappropriate materials, or copyright issues) is apparent.
  • Locking or deletion of threads that are considered ‘spam’. Spam consists of creating multiple threads in different places pertaining to the same subject matter.
  • Deletion or locking or posts or threads that are deemed to contain personal attacks on an individual or organization. This is a matter of subjectivity and is determined by the HiveWire Forum Team and/or HiveWire Staff.
  • Deletion of posts or threads if any personal information (such as email address, cc info, home address, telephone/fax number, etc.) or site mail is disclosed or published without the permission of the sender.
  • Deletion or locking of posts or threads involving copyright accusations. Any such copyright issues need to be categorically proven and resolved between the two parties before any public discussion on the situation occurs.
  • Deletion, locking, or editing of any posts or threads that are not properly flagged for content.

VII. Communications

HiveWire 3D provides a variety of communication tools to members. These include: forums, galleries, chat rooms, and site mail. Users that use HiveWire 3D services to send spam, or unsolicited advertising information will be subject to disciplinary action . Any information provided by members using these services is considered public information and is logged. HiveWire 3D has access to these communications and will review them if needed. HiveWire 3D will not be held responsible and/or liable for information that members choose to share via these tools. We strongly recommend that members exercise forethought and caution prior to disclosing any personal information while using these tools.

Posting private email or sitemail communications without the written consent of both parties is not allowed.

VIII. Copyright Policy

HiveWire 3D users remain the original copyright holder in all materials (software and content) provided within the community. Do not use any HiveWire 3D post, images or writings without expressed, written consent by the copyright holder. Use of the material inconsistent with these terms and conditions is prohibited and considered an infringement of the copyrights of the respective holders.

These Terms of Service were last updated: March 1, 2016.