• Welcome to the Community Forums at HiveWire 3D! Please note that the user name you choose for our forum will be displayed to the public. Our store was closed as January 4, 2021. You can find HiveWire 3D and Lisa's Botanicals products, as well as many of our Contributing Artists, at Renderosity. This thread lists where many are now selling their products. Renderosity is generously putting products which were purchased at HiveWire 3D and are now sold at their store into customer accounts by gifting them. This is not an overnight process so please be patient, if you have already emailed them about this. If you have NOT emailed them, please see the 2nd post in this thread for instructions on what you need to do

Where vendors are going after the HiveWire store closes


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This is a thread to let folks know where to find our CAs after our store closes. Please post here or contact me and I will list all of the information in this first post. If you want to add more info or if someone has questions for the CAs, they can post in this thread, too.

On behalf of Chris, Lisa, Paul, and myself, we feel fortunate to have had all of the wonderful artists and customers at HiveWire over the years, and we wish you all the best wherever your art takes you!

CA (HW forum name if different) -> Store they're moving to

HiveWire 3D and he 3D Universe products for HiveWire products -> Renderosity under the HiveWire 3D label

Lisa's Botanicals -> will be transferred from HiveWire's Renderosity account to an account at Renderosity under Lisas_Botanicals. All her products that were in the store will be there, as well as some of the Lisa's Botanicals products that she created while at HiveWire. Other products that she was a part of will remain in the HiveWire-Renderosity store.

3D Toons - is retiring all Poser products here and from Renderosity
3W Creations (3WC) -> Renderosity
AnimaGemini -> Renderosity
Anniemation (Janet) -> Renderosity (exclusive)
AnyMatter (ka06059) -> Renderosity
Childe of Fyre (Seliah) -> Renderosity and maybe elsewhere
CWRW -> Renderosity
Faery_Light -> Renderosity
FreyrStrongart -> Deviant Art
Ghostman -> Renderosity
Immortal_moments_art (Dakorillon) -> Renderosity
KageRyu -> Renderosity
Karth -> Renderosity
Ken Gilliland -> Renderosity
Leo Lee -> Renderosity
mininessie -> Renderosity
Mirella -> Renderosity
NapalmArsenal -> Renderosity
Nerd3D -> Renderosity
Pommerlis -> Renderosity
Rae Designs (Rae134) -> Renderosity (exclusive)
RAMWorks (RAMWolff) -> Renderosity
Rowan54 -> Renderosity
Ryverthorn -> Renderosity
Satira Capriccio -> Renderosity
Sunfire -> Renderosity
Varnayrah -> Renderosity
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Thank you Alisa! I enjoyed working with you!

I'm moving to Renderosity and will be exclusive there.

Best wishes to everyone - Chris, Paul, Lisa - and all the vendors!


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I loved working with you guys at Hivewire.
I'm moving to Renderosity, I still have to decide about being exclusive, don't know about that yet.


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Thanks, Alisa, it was only because I felt comfortable with the welcoming atmosphere and support here at HW that I broke into being a CA. Though I still consider myself a hobbyist mainly.

I am planning on taking the plunge and heading to Renderosity. If that goes well, who knows, maybe I will try to branch out to DAZ, Reallusion, who knows?

3W Creations (3WC) Renderosity


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I'd like to move my products to renderosity (have emailed them), since I already have some (older) products there.


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I am also moving to Rendo. Created the store front today, and changed my user name to match my vendor name, and the contact email to be the same I have used here.

For those undecided about going exclusive, Jenn has explained to me what it means, and this is what I understood:

* We can only sell at Rendo, and this includes anything 3D, even if not present in the Rendo store.
* We get 10% more royalties over sales.
* The royalties rate can go higher if the sales go high enough.
* We become eligible to be featured in their spotlight newsletters (more exposure).
* We get more promotional options on how to sell the products, like a BOGO on new releases.
* We can get featured when releasing new products every month (more exposure).


Dances with Bees
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I will be moving to Renderosity as I also have a store there.
They have already changed my store name to match here in preparation for this.


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Mirella - I sent out an email to the CAs last night with instructions on contacting Renderosity. This thread is to let the forum members know where to find our artists. Please pm or email me if you have questions :).


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It is my intent to move those products not already in my renderosity store to renderosity. I have already reached out to Renderosity about this. My vendor name will now be Baa-weep-granna-weep-ninnybon. This is a working name... I may keep my current name if this new one does not test well with audiances.