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  1. Roberta

    To close Dawn's eyes

    Hi, I have problems accompanying the eyelid of Dawn and/or Diva, so as to accompany the position of the eye. Any suggestions ? Thanks
  2. Such A Diva

    Such A Diva

  3. Big Cuddle

    Big Cuddle

  4. Swing


    Diva with JoJo for Baby Luna skin. Lisa's The Forest Whispers, HW Big Dog, HW House Cat and Kens' Moth.
  5. Best Friends

    Best Friends

    Working on poses for the HWDog & having some fun
  6. Grand Order of the Kitchen Table

    Grand Order of the Kitchen Table

    Zan playing at knights Dawn- HiveWire 3D Zan morph and texture- Jungle Kids @ HiveWire 3D Kitchen- freebie from FashionFor3D @ sharecg Shorts - freebie from Glitterati @ sharecg Pose, props, lighting - my own work Rendered with Firefly in Poser
  7. First Snow of Winter

    First Snow of Winter

    Baby Luna has never seen snow before! Diva for Dawn and Baby Luna with one of the poses from my Big Sister pose set. Postwork in Photoshop.
  8. This Little Piggie

    This Little Piggie

    This little piggie went to market, This little piggie stayed at home... A pose from my current WIP "Big Sister"-combined poses for Diva and Luna. Diva's shorts are from Glitterati- thank you for your Diva clothes! Hair is Music Diva Hair Rendered in Poser Postwork (watercolour filter) in Photoshop
  9. HaiGan

    Poser Dynamic Nightie for Diva 2017-02-26

    Cute lace-edged traditional nightie! A dynamic clothing prop for Pendraia Fae's Diva character (for Dawn, available at the store here). Includes two textures and material files to apply them. (Hair in the image is the Alexis hair that comes with the Alexis character by 3D Universe, also...
  10. The New Guitar

    The New Guitar

    Diva enjoying her new guitar! Clothing by Pusey/Wilmap. Guitar Freebie from ShareCG
  11. The Star

    The Star

    The Girl
  12. The Red Dress

    The Red Dress

    Diva for Luna HW Horse QAD Headstall Christening Gown
  13. Why can't I just ride bareback?

    Why can't I just ride bareback?

    Ever have one of those days when it's so exhausting just getting ready to do your favourite thing that you don't have the energy to DO your favourite thing? Diva getting her Shetland Pony ready to ride. I think she'll enjoy it once she gets on!
  14. Big Sister

    Big Sister

    Work in progress- poses for Diva and Baby Luna.
  15. Following the leader

    Following the leader

    The various Hivewire child characters: Diva, Jungle Kids, Deirdre (beta), Baby Luna
  16. HaiGan

    Poser Lip Biting morph for Dawn 2017-01-16

    I wanted Diva chewing on her lip for an image, so I made a morph for that using magnets. Then I found it worked just as well for Dawn. Then I made a reverse version. Then I learned how to make an INJ pose. Then I failed to work out how to create a JCM and a REM pose, but hey, baby steps. I'll...
  17. Xmas_2016


    Merry Christmas
  18. Gadget Girl

    Poser Angel Dress for Dawn and Diva 2016-12-17

    A dynamic dress for Dawn including a fitting morph for Diva.
  19. Santa's Little Helper!

    Santa's Little Helper!

    it all started with a little red wagon...
  20. Diva And And Impish Idea

    Diva And And Impish Idea

    Diva for Dawn Amira Skin and Skyla eyes