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Following the leader

Following the leader

The various Hivewire child characters: Diva, Jungle Kids, Deirdre (beta), Baby Luna
"We're following the leader, the leader, the leader/we're following the leader wherever she may go!"

The various Hivewire child characters. Front of the line, on the right of the picture, is Diva, then Jungle Kids, then Deirdre (not yet released), then Baby Luna.

Top and shorts from Glitterati, baby knit from Eblank. Mitsu Hair, Leandro Hair, Music Diva Hair. Flinks Sky, Meadow and Flowers. Pose inspiration from Winnie the Pooh and Disney's animated Peter Pan.
Ya know, this is kinda awesome. Those children have a lot of life and show off the figures so well. The slight hyper extension of the front character's left leg is a nice detail that I'll file away for my own posing.
I look very silly when I'm creating poses, because I try to put myself into the same position and/or make the same movement (firstly to make sure it's possible, secondly to figure out which joints rotate and bend and by what amount). My knees also hyper-extend like that, plus I see it in gymnasts and dancers, so I put it in there.
I've noticed that as well, mostly in kids (gotta stop staring at kids). Mine won't do it, no way, no how. I think I have hyper extension envy, lol.

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