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  1. the Garden

    the Garden

    A garden apart from the plants mostly all modelled in Carrara
  2. Sago Palms

    Sago Palms

    Sago Palm Prop For Daz by fictionalbookshelf
  3. Save Me

    Save Me

    ModeledGumby & plant in Carrara Hivewire3D dog
  4. Fly Catching Alien Plant

    Fly Catching Alien Plant

    Modeled & Rendered in Carrara with post in PSE2018
  5. Tulips For Lunch

    Tulips For Lunch

    Did dinosaurs eat tulips? I don't know but he is cute and those tulips are stunning! Requires Lisa's Botanicals Tulips. http://hivewire3d.com/shop/top-selling-artists/napalmarsenal/sweetheart-textures-for-lisa-s-botanicals-tulips.html
  6. Fantastar 2 Deco

    Fantastar 2 Deco

    Byproduct of Fantastar Superfly testing. Poser/Superfly
  7. Common Starweed SF WIP

    Common Starweed SF WIP

  8. Common Starweed Closeup SF WIP

    Common Starweed Closeup SF WIP

  9. Common Starweed Closeup 2 SF WIP

    Common Starweed Closeup 2 SF WIP

  10. Carnation Macro

    Carnation Macro

    Working on SuperFly version of Lisa's Botanicals Carnation
  11. Sunrise in the old garden

    Sunrise in the old garden

    Fantastar with my Iray shaders, Iray sun/sky
  12. Starling On Starweed

    Starling On Starweed

  13. Waltz around little one

    Waltz around little one

    Starweed and Fantastar with my Iray shaders, Iray sun/sky, spectral rendering cie1964/natural.
  14. NapalmArsenal

    RELEASED Hearts Of Africa Series

    Hearts Of Africa This is a collaboration effort among KageRyu, Seliah (Child of Fyre), and myself. We have formed a background image group and are centering the Hearts of Africa Series around different areas in Africa for your background images, HW Gorilla and Taka needs. Jungle Depths...
  15. How Tiger Catches The Sun

    How Tiger Catches The Sun

  16. NapalmArsenal

    Flower Texture Expansion Sets for Lisa's Botanicals

    Hey guys, I'm finally getting to Lisa's Asian Lilies. I'm sort of going for a jungle/tropical type feel with these using some of the tiger lily mats and lily photos from a few years ago as last years crop was ruined due to all the flooding in the area. I can't wait until Kitty is out!! I will...
  17. Pots


  18. Chris

    Show Us Your Lisa's Botanicals Renders!

    I'm very grateful to have Lisa as a business partner. I'm grateful to her for the confidence and courage she's exhibited by jumping into creating HiveWire 3D with me. Even as a Wife and Mother first, she's made time to focus on nursing this lil' HiveWire baby along and is nurturing it, coaxing...