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  1. Burnished Copper

    Burnished Copper

    soft pastels, Lisa's Botanicals Tulips


    Gorgeous textures for the tulips by Napalm Arsenal. http://hivewire3d.com/shop/passion-storm-for-lisa-s-botanicals-tulips.html
  3. Dawn And Tulips

    Dawn And Tulips

    Trying out Kens new Type2 Body and Napalm Arsenals new Passion textures for Lisa's Tulips.
  4. Flora


  5. Western Outfit for Dusk3

    Western Outfit for Dusk3

    Liam for Dusk SE prefers the Western Outfit in brighter colors. His horse prefers bright tulips!
  6. I killed the Tulips!!

    I killed the Tulips!!

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  7. Damselflies And Tulips

    Damselflies And Tulips

    Ken's Damselflies, Lisa's Tulips with NapalmArsenals Textures.
  8. Garden Tea Party

    Garden Tea Party

    Spring Blossoms for Dawn's Flower Fairy Outfit and Platform Pumps
  9. Unicorn Lace

    Unicorn Lace

    Done with the TB racing form morph and Spring Pastel Tulips
  10. Forest Ghost

    Forest Ghost

    Done with the Unicorn Coat and TB Racing Form Morph
  11. Ode To Mucha

    Ode To Mucha

    Sora and Sweetheart Tulip Textures
  12. Blue Kitteh

    Blue Kitteh

    Test Render
  13. Tulips On The Window

    Tulips On The Window

    Tulips by Lisa'sBotanicals with the textures from NapalmArsenal's "Easter Pastels" set (upcoming); window and room from "French Style Shabby Chic vol 1" by AnimaGemini; free HDRI by HDRmaps (free for commercial use). Demo for the my upcoming shaders pack for the SuperFly.