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  1. Beautiful Moth

    Beautiful Moth

  2. Lyrewin


    Lyrewin for G8F by TwiztedMetal & HotLime3D
  3. No...is My Food Grrr

    No...is My Food Grrr

  4. Night Garden

    Night Garden

  5. Swing


    Diva with JoJo for Baby Luna skin. Lisa's The Forest Whispers, HW Big Dog, HW House Cat and Kens' Moth.
  6. mininessie

    Wip Butterfly collector´s utils

    I am working now in a set for Ken´s Nature´s wonders Moths. The idea is a set of display and tools for Butterfly´s collectors. This way they can show the beautiful moths in the walls...and prepare them for it. My point is that one can collect moths or butterflies without hunt and kill...
  7. A Wonderful Finding

    A Wonderful Finding

  8. Luna Moth and Kitty

    Luna Moth and Kitty

  9. White-lined Sphinx Moth

    White-lined Sphinx Moth

  10. It Is MY Honeyyyyy R

    It Is MY Honeyyyyy R

  11. Romanced by the Light

    Romanced by the Light

    Used Fantasy Gazebo with Giant Moths
  12. What's For Dinner?

    What's For Dinner?

    I love lizards, so I was thrilled when Songbird remix Ken Gilliland came out with his new sets- Nature's Wonders Lizards!
  13. Luna in the Woods

    Luna in the Woods

    I used Luna, Polly Character, and other Hivewire products-- Frills and Spills, Natures Wonder Giant Moths, Fallen Tree, Perpetuity, Bell Flower, Cinnamon Fern, Starweed-- RDNA Desire Hair