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Here I came up with a new Character, then another, but what to do with them. on top of this I am dealing with a failing hard drive so simple reading and writing to the hard drive became a problem. Lucky it is my birthday time..Thanks for the new hard drive mom, now I get to rebuild a hard drive that will only take 6 months or so and scrambling to restore my programs. being the hard drive has been slowly failing with read write errors I can't just duplicate the hard drive and my back up is corrupted as well...
sorry to hear about your hard drive...it happened to me once and was a bad experience!
i hope you can rearrange all very soon!
good scene btw
awwww fantastic art piece, but sending HUGE SYMPATHIES for your drive problems! What a pain!
@Me195 I couldn't decide do I give him some sort of weapon, but I kept asking myself what is real defiance? I wanted him to look the part of a trickster as well, yea, he has something up his sleeve....
@Lyne new hard drive arrives tomorrow then.. then my life turns and descends into hell, love rebuilding hard drives. old harddrive is limping along for right now, least I hope this is a hard drive problem

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