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  1. Dedicated to My Friends

    Dedicated to My Friends

  2. Cool Pup 2

    Cool Pup 2

  3. The Shepard

    The Shepard

  4. A Boy an His Dog

    A Boy an His Dog

  5. Husked Pirate

    Husked Pirate

  6. Pet Allergies?

    Pet Allergies?

  7. Waiting for Santa

    Waiting for Santa

  8. Adoring Companion

    Adoring Companion

  9. It Was An Accident, Really!

    It Was An Accident, Really!

  10. Playing in the Surf

    Playing in the Surf

  11. Farm Life 2

    Farm Life 2

  12. Doggy Bathtime

    Doggy Bathtime

  13. A Cowboy’s Friends

    A Cowboy’s Friends

  14. Will They Be Friends?

    Will They Be Friends?

  15. Trouble Maker

    Trouble Maker

  16. Best Friends in the Sunshine

    Best Friends in the Sunshine

  17. Skateboarding Dog

    Skateboarding Dog

  18. My Backyard

    My Backyard

    My Backyard by JeffersonAF
  19. Summer Fete

    Summer Fete

    Summer Fete for Daz Studio and Poser by BlueTreeStudio
  20. Bridge House

    Bridge House

    Bridge House for Daz Studio by BlueTreeStudio