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  1. Roberta

    Add-on in sale Willow-Dawn

    Until September 24th, this add-on for Dawn-Willow is at a special price of $3.93 and $3.14. 7 textures for the dress. 7 textures for sneakers. Also remember that on my "free" page there are the textures for the panties :) Go here
  2. Price Check

    Price Check

    We've all been there
  3. Sold Out Shows

    Sold Out Shows

    Standing around at the theatre to no avail
  4. Roberta

    New add-ons for a dynamic dress for Dawn and La Femme

    Hi, If any of you own jroulin's FashionFress, I've made an add-on for it. It's a dynamic dress for Dawn and for La Femme. NOTE: Both products (jroulin's geometry and my add-on) they are at a low price now. HERE
  5. Roberta

    Until January 26 some of my add-ons for Dawn and BabyLuna at very low prices

    Until January 26th, for the special sale "January 2023 - Look Back - Poser Clothing VGS", some of my products for Dawn and BabyLuna are at a very special price. Anyone who wants can take a look :) HERE
  6. Roberta

    An add-on for Elfen Wear for Dawn

    An add-on for "Elfen Wear for Dawn" by SatiraCapriccio. The new package - the name is RA Rey - includes 5 complete sets. If you want to take a look, it's on sale until the end of the month. If you like SatiraCapriccio's products, you will find some add-ons for them.My store at Renderosity
  7. Street Samurai

    Street Samurai

    A Warrior bound by honor in a lawless waste.
  8. The Leap-sm.jpg

    The Leap-sm.jpg

    Dawn with Kitty Skins by Rae (Unreleased) HW Tiger Crocodile from DS Forgotten Temple DS Rendered in Daz Studio, Post work in PD Howler.
  9. Road Rage.jpg

    Road Rage.jpg

  10. Little Sprouts Sticking Together in a Big Scary World

    Little Sprouts Sticking Together in a Big Scary World

    Created for the #We are all in this Together Render Contest.
  11. Dreamer

    Poser & DS Broken Hearted for Dawn 2020-07-09

    5 Poses for Dawn in both Poser and Daz Studio formats
  12. Meet me at the Island

    Meet me at the Island

  13. Warrior 02.jpg

    Warrior 02.jpg

    Dusk & Dawn as Warriors
  14. Rogue 01.jpg

    Rogue 01.jpg

    Dawn as a Rogue
  15. Warrior 01.jpg

    Warrior 01.jpg

    Dawn as a Rogue Warrior
  16. Steam 02.jpg

    Steam 02.jpg

    Dusk and Dawn in Gothicpunk - Steampunk
  17. Steam 01.jpg

    Steam 01.jpg

    Dusk and Dawn in Gothicpunk - Steampunk
  18. MageWarrior.jpg


    Dawn as Warrior, Dawn as Ice Mage
  19. Kneel Before Zod.jpg

    Kneel Before Zod.jpg

    Dusk as Zod & Superman, Dawn as Supergirl
  20. GreenWonder.jpg


    Dawn as Wonder Woman. Dusk as Green Lantern.