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  1. In love.jpg

    In love.jpg

  2. Future Dawn 3 .jpg

    Future Dawn 3 .jpg

    Just playing around with my explorer storyline. Colonial Explorer Dawn with a Scanamajig ventures into alien caves/ruins.
  3. K

    Seeking Product Advice

    A project I have wanted to render for some time requires certain Asian/Polynesian aspects. One of the renders I want a Hawaiian woman with a circle or wreath of flowers like one might find in a Lei. I already have the Hawaiian outfits for Dusk/Dawn/M4/V4 but I am having trouble finding a...
  4. Brave New Dawn

    Brave New Dawn

    Dawn explores an alien world.
  5. HaiGan

    Dawn Dynamic Winter Scarf for Dawn 2019-12-10

    A knitted winter scarf for Dawn Please note that, while I've checked it using an external directory on my own PC, it hasn't had a beta check. Any problems, let me know and I'll get them looked at, Poser renders Dynamic scarf for Dawn with Poser and DAZ Studio versions included, and...
  6. Ken1171

    RELEASED Body Type-10 for Dawn

    ~Body Type-10 for Dawn~ I have been working on this one for a while (Poser+DS). It's the opposite of some of other voluptuous physiques I have done before, more on the skinny and slender side. Here are the 3 views, where you can see the smaller proportions. She is skinny, with small hips and...
  7. pommerlis

    Poser Fashionable Himation Set02 2019-10-04

    These are 10 Textures for Gaia's Gift Himation. There are 5 different colors each in 2 patterns. It's compatible with PoserPro 2012 & Poser 11 Gaia's Gift is required for these to work. It's adviced to render in SuperFly in Poser 11
  8. pommerlis

    Poser Fashionable Himation Set01 2019-10-03

    These are 5 Texture for Gaia's Gift Himation. It's compatible with PoserPro 2012 & Poser 11 Gaia's Gift is required for these to work. It's adviced to render in SuperFly in Poser 11
  9. guaiamustudio

    Ribbon Outfit for Dawn - Daz Studio

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since i don't show up here^^" Sorry for that! Well i created a new outfit for Dawn^^ It's a version of my Ribbon Outfit for Gen3 F/M :) There's more images of it here on my deviantart ^^ Ribbon Outfit for Dawn by GuaiamuStudio on DeviantArt Hope you like it!
  10. Savage Girl(SM).jpg

    Savage Girl(SM).jpg

    A warrior of the wolf clan explores ancient ruins.
  11. TrainingDay.jpg


    The Hivewire All-Pro Beach Soccer team gets in some practice for the quarter-finals.
  12. Mediterranean Hotel

    Mediterranean Hotel

    Mediterranean Hotel Part 1
  13. Strike a Cord

    Strike a Cord

    Strike a Cord by Anniemation
  14. Summer Fete

    Summer Fete

    Summer Fete for Daz Studio and Poser by BlueTreeStudio
  15. All I Need

    All I Need

    Dawn and Dusk Together Poses by Aelin available at Fantasy Attic, Dawn SE, Dusk SE, Rocker Girl Outfit for Genesis 8, Leathered up outfit for Genesis 2, Bar Room interior
  16. Mean Streets (Poser)

    Mean Streets (Poser)

    Mean Streets for Daz & Poser by BlueTreeStudio
  17. Deep Space Research Base

    Deep Space Research Base

    Deep Space Research Base for Poser by BlueTreeStudio
  18. Got it!

    Got it!

  19. Whats wrong?

    Whats wrong?

  20. The Fallen

    The Fallen