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  1. J'Adore


    dforce only J'Adore G8F by nirvy
  2. Twizted 100 Faces Vol 2 G8F

    Twizted 100 Faces Vol 2 G8F

    Twizted 100 Faces Volume 2 for G8F by TwiztedMetal
  3. Sweety Lingerie

    Sweety Lingerie

    dforce Sweety Lingerie G3G8 by nirvy
  4. Softly Sensuous Dress

    Softly Sensuous Dress

    dforce only Softly Sensuous Dress G3G8 by nirvy
  5. Bijoux De Fee By Rae134

    Bijoux De Fee By Rae134

    Bijoux de Fee - Jewels for G8 - by Cyriona
  6. Sora Gal

    Sora Gal

    Sora for Dawn... this was the only Dawn dress I had so I retextured it with shaders. The hair is an Instant Hair painted hair package from Rendo that I cut and chopped to get the look shown. Ron's brushes are used in the stars... I created the background in Second Life and did a screen capture.
  7. Dawn And Tulips

    Dawn And Tulips

    Trying out Kens new Type2 Body and Napalm Arsenals new Passion textures for Lisa's Tulips.
  8. Lady At The Garden

    Lady At The Garden

  9. Lady Of The Tower

    Lady Of The Tower

  10. Meow lady - for all my friends

    Meow lady - for all my friends

  11. Steampunk Lady

    Steampunk Lady

  12. LeoLee

    Leo Lee's Products at HiveWire3D

    Messing around with Dawn SE, Starter Morphs, Heroine and Glamour hair, this end up in this character. So I decided to give her to you as a gift. Hope you enjoy her! Grab her: Tanya for Dawn - A Leo Lee Design Creation at HiveWire 3D
  13. Faery_Light

    Faery_Light's Dawn projects

    Here is an image of the mature lady texture set i'm working on. This is the edited version of my portrait in the "I just wanted to post an image" forum. I changed the eyebrows, lowered the bump and added smile /frown lines to the face. There are no morphs added here. This is still a WIP.
  14. Ken1171

    Office Lady for Dawn

    Retaking this outfit now that I have finally figured out how to handle the JCMs that got it stuck last year. This is close to final version with morphs (Voluptuous + SuperModel here) and the default materials. This a Firefly render in Poser Pro 2014. PS: These are not pantyhose, I've just...