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  1. LeoLee

    How to uninstall Octane demo for Poser

    I tried Octane for Poser and when I uninstalled everytime I launch Poser, it shows this message. I don't know how to get rid of that. Thanks for any help!
  2. Gadget Girl

    Poser BrickLayer Scenescapes prop placement 2016-03-15

    This is a script I made for myself a while ago, when I was using Mortem Vetus' Scenescapes packages. It allows you to select a prop, then duplicate that prop along a given axis. So for instance if you choose a 1m x 1m flagstone and the X axis, it will create a series of that same prop moving out...
  3. Gadget Girl

    Beta testers needed for Poser morph randomizer for Dawn/Dusk/Luna

    So, I've been working on a script to randomize morphs for Dawn, Dusk, and Luna. It's a Poser script, and it's in a basic form right now. It allows you to choose from a few predefined groups, then asks you to enter a number for how extreme you want the possible morphs to be (it does recommend a...
  4. ibr_remote

    Japanese Freebies/Websites

    These are the links which I monitor ( on my own blog) for updates and freebie announcements, in case you want to check them out yourselves:- <note from Alisa - blog is no longer available, just look at links here, please>
  5. mininessie

    Mininessie share cg gallery

    here you can find some freebies by me: ShareCG - mininessie's Gallery
  6. Gadget Girl

    How to assign a morph to a subcategory in Poser?

    First here's my question, and then the why incase that helps you understand. I want to know when you create a morph, how you can set it to be in one of the sub categories such as Head, Nose, or a custom one. Here's an example of some of Dawns morphs incase I'm not making sense. There are all...
  7. skylab

    SKYLAB Free Stuff

    I'll be posting links here to my free stuff at ShareCG. I've just begun doing a few DAZ Studio 4 poses in addition to the Poser content, so in order to keep things organized, I'll be uploading to two different accounts, according to type. Poser content: ShareCG - skylab's Gallery DAZ Studio...
  8. LeoLee

    Leo Lee's Freebies

  9. LeoLee

    Lip Sync Animation

    Lip Sync test for an independent film "Acordem Ovelhas" (Wake Up Sheeps) that I'm working as an animator. It's a Sci-Fi Comedy. It was Animated in Poser and rendered in Carrara. I can't use the Talk Designer because it doesn't fit on my language (portuguese). It was animated by hand and I...
  10. LeoLee

    Hive Girl for Dawn

    Reposting the thread which was in the old forum with some updates of my Superhero project. It was supposed to be one more pack of poses but in the middle of it I decided to make a superhero suit. The suit needs some uv adjusts, but overall it looks like that. She needs also a pair of boots...
  11. T42-IVA


    Romantic scene with Dawn and Dusk.
  12. African Sunset01

    African Sunset01

  13. VortigensBane

    Pulling back the Drapes: The Cloth Room

    I thought it would be fun (and informative) to start a thread solely about Poser's Cloth Room. I have had a lot of fun (and headaches) using it, and while I wouldn't consider myself an expert, there are a few things that I have learned along the way. I thought this could be a good place to...
  14. African Sunrise

    African Sunrise

    Lita stood in the gentle warmth of the sunrise waiting for the tribe to awaken and make ready for the hunt. She would call the animals to the area where the hunters would wait. This hunt would feed her tribe for many months if successful.
  15. Faery_Light

    Queue Manager

    Hi, I finally got queue manager working right again. So I am wondering if I send a render to the queue, can I then close that pz3 and set up a new render for it too? I had the answer before but brain went foggy and I forgot. Thanks.
  16. LisaB

    Guidelines for Resources

    We have a new Resource Section here in the HiveWire 3D Community forums where you can upload files or share links to files uploaded elsewhere. HiveWire Family Freebies This section is for items you have created specifically for our HiveWire 3D figures. Sub-categories have been created to...