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Discussion in 'Poser' started by Gadget Girl, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. Gadget Girl

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    So I'm working on a pair of shoes for Luna that have bows on them. Those bows are smart props. All is well and good until I apply the newborn morph to Luna. The shoes, which are conforming morph nicely, but the bows don't know to morph. Now I've saved a pose file with the bows in the right location and size for the newborn morph. I know how to make a morph for the bows from that information. My question is how do I get the bows to apply that morph as the shoes use the newborn morph?
  2. English Bob

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    There's probably more than one way to answer this. There are ways to make a pose file affect a parented prop as well as the parent figure, but some hand-crafting of the pose file will be needed, and the way I know to make it work requires you to apply the pose to the prop and not the figure. This may be a problem if you intend to distribute the result.

    Why do you want the bow to be a smart prop? The answer to that may help point you in the right direction.
  3. Gadget Girl

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    Well, the bows in this case would smoosh funny if I had to weight map them. also it allows for them to be placed in a couple different positions, and also to be used on the headband for instance.
    I'm thinking I need to do something along the line of adding the morph to the bows, and then maybe make the newborn morph on the shoes also be a master parameter for the bows. I'm not sure though if this will work if the morph has been applied through conforming.
  4. English Bob

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    Neither weight mapping nor dependent parameters are in my area of expertise, unfortunately. Maybe one day. I thought weight mapping was supposed to stop funny smooshing?

    I can see that the chain of command might get broken somewhere between the figure's morph and a prop parented to a conforming figure though. If that's so I'm sure we can come up with an alternative method.
  5. Gadget Girl

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    Weight mapping can stop funny smooshing but it can also be a lot of work, especially on a figure with lots of 'internal' polygons like the bow has (by that I mean the middle of the loops, that would be very hard to get to and adjust). I think I need to play with the bows a lot on their own first, because for some reason, I'm having a harder time applying the morph than I thought I would. I've done that sort of thing before, I made a dynamic robe for Dusk, that I scaled and adjusted so it could fit Axel too, and then was able to add it as morph. Not sure why I haven't been able to get it to work for these bows.
  6. Glitterati3D

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    I am trying to remember how I did the newborn fit on the Luna blanket (a smart prop)......

    First, I use a modeler and ColorCurvature's Pose Morph Loader to create my morphs. This allows me to pose a figure and the prop, export the posed position to the modeler and create the desired morph, then import it back in. Save the scene file for re-importing the morph.

    I applied the newborn morph to Luna in the zero position, exported out the objects, brought them into the modeler and created/fixed the morphs, saving the morphed objects.

    Then back in Poser using the saved file I exported out.......

    Smart prop loaded, Object>Load Morph Target and name it and provide the object file name.

    Zero out the morphs, then save the file as a Pose File (I called mine Fit Newborn)

    Now this is from memory, so I may not have all the steps exact, but let me know if I did something wrong and I'll try to work through it for you.

    It was the first time I morphed a smart prop, but I wanted to learn how to do it.
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  7. Gadget Girl

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    So I figure out how to do it. I had done something similar to what you did Glitterati last time, for some reason that wasn't working for me today. So here's what I did:

    I loaded in the Shoes at their default for Luna with the Bows parented and in place. Because I needed something slightly different for each foot so that they would be placed correctly, I selected one of the bows and in the Parameters Palette chose Create New Master Parameter

    I named my new parameter Newborn. In the window that popped up, I clicked Start Teaching, and I set the Scale and all the rotations and translations the way the would need to be on the default.
    Then I clicked next key, and set the value of the Parameter to 1.0. I then set the Shoes Newborn morph to 1.0. I went back to the bow, and adjusted the scale and the position until it was correct for the newborn morph, then clicked stop teaching.

    This was all done in the Keyed Dependencies tab. I then went to Value Operations, Created a new Value Op, and selected the NewBornBody morph on my shoes. I had to change the Scale Factor to 1.0.

    Did the same thing on the other bow, and it seems to be working.

    Okay, to be fair, I didn't do it quite that straightforward or in quite that order. But, had I known what I was doing from the beginning, that would have been the way to do it:whistling:

    Seems to be working, and pretty soon I'll be ready to have some other Poser users test out my shoes, so we'll see what happens then.
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