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  1. Give my shoe back.jpg

    Give my shoe back.jpg

  2. Roberta

    Two texture for Luna Booties

    Hi, If any of you have the "Luna Booties by willyb53" package, I've added two more "dark" textures :) These two enrich the package of add-ons I had been making for some time. HERE the link
  3. Classic Pumps

    Classic Pumps

    Classic Pumps for G8F by WildDesigns
  4. PeepToe Shoes For La Femme

    PeepToe Shoes For La Femme

    PeepToe Shoes for La Femme by Afrodite-Ohki
  5. La Femme Simple Morphing Shoes

    La Femme Simple Morphing Shoes

    La Femme Simple Morphing Shoes by Glitterati3D
  6. Ken1171

    Fashion Vol.1 - Casual, Fantasy & Scifi [RELEASED]

    Fashion Vol.1 is a materials expansion pack for the Superhero outfit for Dawn. This first volume includes 51 outfit presets for casual, fantasy and sci-fi styles. Those apply to the bodysuit, gloves and boots. All material presets are provided with native shader support for Firefly and Superfly...
  7. Gadget Girl

    Tester needed for Shoes for Luna and Diva

    So I've been working on an outfit for Luna. Actually it will probably end up being to outfits, a set of conforming shoes, and a dynamic set for the rest of the outfit. Eventually it will be both DS and Poser, but for the moment I need Poser testers. I think I have the shoes more or less done...
  8. Soles


    A look at the soles of my shoes. Turns out, little girl shoes tend to have butterflies on them.
  9. BowOptions


    Two possible color styles for the smart prop bow.
  10. Moccasin


    Simple Moccasin texture
  11. BlackShoes


    Black Saddle shoe texture
  12. Gadget Girl

    How to make matching shoes.

    So I'm really proud of myself. I actually managed to make a decent shoe. I say a shoe because only the right one is very good at the moment. I may still have to go back and tweak it some, but I have a question. Is there an easy way to duplicate and reverse the good shoe? I'm sure some...
  13. ibr_remote

    My freebies for Pauline

    I've uploaded my freebies for Pauline to my space at ShareCG :- ShareCG - infinity10's portfolio These are for non-commercial renders at this time, because I want to gather feedback from users if there are errors in the contents. If most people are happy that the items perform well for them...
  14. DigiDotz

    Canvas shoes and Heels Boots for Dawn

    Hoping to knock these into shape and get the rigging right ...for Dawn -some High heeled booties and some Canvas shoes