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Tester needed for Shoes for Luna and Diva

Discussion in 'Seeking/Offering Beta Testing' started by Gadget Girl, May 4, 2016.

  1. Gadget Girl

    Gadget Girl Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    So I've been working on an outfit for Luna. Actually it will probably end up being to outfits, a set of conforming shoes, and a dynamic set for the rest of the outfit. Eventually it will be both DS and Poser, but for the moment I need Poser testers.

    I think I have the shoes more or less done with several different textures:


    Except for the red texture which was the first one I made, the others are based on a white texture, so that people can easily recolor them how they want.

    I'll probably have one set of textures for the dynamics done by the end of the day today. You can see what I have so far here.
  2. Nimble fingers

    Nimble fingers Inspired

    I am just reading through all the posts and came across this one. Has this been released for Daz Studio yet?
  3. Miss B

    Miss B Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time CV-BEE

    I just checked her store here at the Hive, and I don't think it's been released for Poser either.
  4. Gadget Girl

    Gadget Girl Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    Wow, I had totally forgotten about these, plus I sort of never got any testers. The dress had a tester, and I did send along a copy of the shoes, which didn't work at all. I'm pretty sure I know why now, so I'll have to go check on these and see what it would take to get them finished up. The Poser version shouldn't be too hard, but I'm slow when it comes to DS, especially in figuring out the mats. Luckily I know a place where I can ask.
  5. Nimble fingers

    Nimble fingers Inspired

    I have Baby Luna and I use her in Daz, I also use some of the Poser only clothes in Daz. I know the materials are not going ot work, but I love the outfits and like working with Baby Luna. I have made some textures for the outfits and would love to have some Daz Testers. I am hoping to make these items available to other Baby Luna and Daz Users at the HiveWire store eventually. For some reason I get really frustrated with trying to make this stuff work for poser, but will work on it in the future.
  6. Gadget Girl

    Gadget Girl Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    So. . . I had totally forgotten about this, after an early issue when I sent the files to someone else (see my many rants about where Poser decides to put Geometry files). But that's worked out now.

    So I really am ready to have some testing start one this for Poser (there will be a DS version, not quite there yet). I have a question however. Long ago, someone gave me the idea of making the bows a smart prop. Which made the rigging much easier, and means you can use the bows in other places if you want. So here's the questions. Right now I have two versions of the shoes, one with the bows parented, and one without. So first off do I need to versions, or should I just have the version with the bows, and you can delete them if you want. Secondly, should I add the bows as a prop on their own in the props folder, to make it easy for people to use? And if I do that, where should they load in the scene (just floating in the air? a right and left version in the place they would be on the shoes?).

    So let me know what you think about the bows. And in the mean time I would love some testers who have Diva and Luna. This will be Poser 10 and higher because it does need subD. Also, if you want to test in DS let me know, and I will let you know when I have the DS version ready for testing.

    Oh, also, if anyone is confused, I renamed the thread slightly, because it was both too generic, and only mentioned Luna and not Diva.
  7. Nimble fingers

    Nimble fingers Inspired

    I would love to test the shoes on Luna for DS. As for the bow thing. I you can put it in the prop file to be added to the shoe, and if they do not want to use the bow, they just do not bother to load it. Let me try both versions.
  8. Gadget Girl

    Gadget Girl Extraordinary Contributing Artist

    Thanks. Still a bit more work until they are ready for DS. But I'm close. I'll send you a message when I have something ready for testing.
  9. CNorth

    CNorth Admirable

    I'd love to test them on Luna in Poser :)

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