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  1. MEC4D

    WIP MEC4D - Creations for Dawn 2 and Dusk 2 , work in progress

    Hi everyone, in this thread I will show you some work in progress for my upcoming creations for Dawn2 , mostly clothing , morphs etc.. Right now I focus on 4 different ethnicity female characters from around the globe what will be later accompanied by their male partners to match. I started...
  2. F

    Clothes shaking?

    In Marvelous Designer, when putting my character model's jacket over their shirt, it causes the clothing to shake around. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?
  3. F

    Another way to move clothes?

    In Marvelous Designer, I'm currently using the little hand to move my character's clothes around. Are there more tools to move the clothes besides this one? If so, how do I access them?
  4. F

    Rolled up sleeve?

    In Marvelous Designer, I'm using the grab tool to move my character's clothes around. When I pull the sleeve upward, it doesn't fold. It just goes back to its previous position. Is there a way to make a rolled up sleeve?
  5. pommerlis

    Poser Pommie's Boutique vol.5-Seasons Simplicity 2019-01-02

    This set contains some simple textures in mc6 format for the Simplicity Dress & Shoes. They are for use in Poser 9+ You need Dawn and Simplicity Dress & Shoes for these to work. Both are available at hivewire3d.com SeasonsMainImage600x600 by pommerlis posted Jan 2, 2019 at 4:45 PM...
  6. pommerlis

    Poser Pommie's Boutique vol.4-ArgyleCasualSweater for Dusk 2019-01-02

    This set contains 6 textures in mc6 format for the Sweater from the free DuskCasuals Outfit by Sanbie for Dusk. These textures are for Poser 9+ Products required to be able to use these textures; Dusk available at hivewire3d.com Sanbie's Dusk Casuals is free available at www.pfddelights.com...
  7. pommerlis

    Poser Pommie's Boutique vol.3-Step into Xmas for NymphSuit 2018-12-31

    These are a few textures for Dynamics 12 - Nymph Suit. It's meant for Poser 9+ and you will need Dawn and the Nymph Suit to be able to use this. MTBoutique03 by pommerlis posted Dec 31, 2018 at 3:06 PM PIPBoutique03A by pommerlis posted Dec 31, 2018 at 3:06 PM PIPBoutique03B by pommerlis...
  8. pommerlis

    Poser Pommie's Boutique vol.2-Darcy Dress for Dawn 2018-12-31

    This is a set of simple textures for Dynamics 01-Darcy Dress for Dawn. 10 Textures for the dress in mc6 format. It's meant for Poser 9+ and you will need Dawn and the dress to be able to use this. MTBoutique02 by pommerlis posted Dec 31, 2018 at 2:03 PM PIPBoutique02A by pommerlis posted Dec...
  9. pommerlis

    Poser Pommie's Boutique vol.1-Tanktop&SkinnyJeans 2018-12-29

    This is a set of simple textures for the Tanktop & SkinnyJeans for Dawn. 10 Textures for the Jeans and 10 for the Tanktop. It's meant for Poser 9+ and you will need Dawn, the Tanktop&SkinnyJeans to be able to use this. MTPBoutique01 by pommerlis posted Dec 29, 2018 at 4:27 PM PIPBoutique01A by...
  10. pommerlis

    Poser Pommie's Boutique vol.7-Stylish for PinkSummerLove 2018-12-18

    This is a set of 12 textures in MC6 format for the free available Pink Summer Love shirt by EvilInnocence for Dawn. It's meant for Poser 9+ and you will need Dawn and the shirt to be able to use this. I don't know if these textures will come out nice when applied to other versions of the shirt...
  11. Ken1171

    RELEASED Dog Bandana

    Make your doggy cuter! ^___^ I am at finishing touches with the upcoming conformed Dog Bandana for the HW Big Dog. It's already in internal beta-testing, and should soon go to the store QAV. Besides the bandana, I provide 7 material presets for different colors, and a template so you can...
  12. FairyFantastic

    christmas breeze for business pullover

    a set of materials for karths business pullover both in delight and iray hope u enjoyxx ab big thnks to rae for helping test and letting me use images she did i appreciate itxx link to them is here Daz Studio - christmas breeze for business pullover
  13. FairyFantastic

    Daz Studio christmas breeze for business pullover 19-11-17

    christmas breeze material for karths business pullover delight and iray sets thnk u to rae of helpng me on this testing and imagesx
  14. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Name that .......Game.

    I sometimes run into outfits that were used in a promo picture, but not given any credit, so you have no clue where it came from. I have one of those now. It MIGHT have been from RDNA, it might have been a Poser outfit. I know it WAS for M4. IT MIGHT be a kit-bash, but it looks too cohesive...
  15. Faery_Light

    flPastelsforLullyDynamicDress01 2017-03-16

    Four textures in pastel shades for Lully's Dynamic Dress 01 for Dawn. Just in time for Easter and Spring weather when light colors are trending. You may use them in any render, commercial or personal. They are not a Merchant Resource and may not be used as such. For Poser only as it is a...
  16. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Testers for BabyLuna Clothing

    Currently DS only, But, Poser too after things are finalized. Textures for Karth's LongSleeve Shirt for BabyLuna and Jeans for BabyLuna. Let me know! Samples in my BabyLuna Clothing thread.
  17. Karth

    Karth ask for your fav Baby names

    Yes... what names and phrases would you like to see on a Baby clothing ? Please post :-) Thanks
  18. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Clothing for Luna or Fits of Artistic Madness

    In what I am calling a fit of artistic madness, I made 26 diaper covers for Luna. They are currently just the texture files and a bump that can be used as both bump and displacement. Is there a place to put them for free? Or I could put them on ShareCG. But I am really bad about getting all the...
  19. Roberta

    A "Wizard Wardrobe" from Millennium Kids to K4.....?

    Hi to all, I'd like to convert some clothes, created for the Millennium Kid, for "Kids4". I looked at the PhilC site (where I have already bought some Wizard, but I can not figure out if there is a product on my problem....... Thanks for help!
  20. Alisa

    Converting Clothing from Poser to DS & DS to Poser-VIDEOS

    These were created awhile ago by HiveWire's Paul Lessard (aka CGCubed) to help folks convert clothing from one program to the other: