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In Marvelous Designer, I'm using the grab tool to move my character's clothes around. When I pull the sleeve upward, it doesn't fold. It just goes back to its previous position. Is there a way to make a rolled up sleeve?
I'm kind of confused by what you mean. Could you explain further?

NOTE: I don't mean a folded up sleeve. Not like when you fold the sleeve inside out to get it higher up on your arm. Like when you literally just push it upward. Imagine a sleeve that's longer than your hand, and you push it up to around your knuckles, just without folding it.


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If it was in the model and morphed that way, you could do it. However, if there is no morph for what you're doing then it's the way it is.


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MD has a feature to "fold" a seam from anywhere between zero to 360 degrees, where the default value us 180, which means flat (no folding) Values between zero to 180 fold the seam inwards, while from 180 to 360 fold it outwards. So to roll a sleeve, you may have to start from the cuffs by creating a new "inside line" and set the properties fold to the direction you want. Once you start the simulation, the cloth will attempt to fold and you may have to assist with the mouse. Then repeat the process until you get as many folds as desired.

The fold properties are located at the "properties" panel on the right side, and this panel is context sensitive, meaning contents change depending on what's currently selected. Select an inner line first, and then search for its properties on the right-side panel.

Hope this helps. :)


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Either use the fold as others have mentioned, or cheat by layering a new part over the end of a shortened sleeve and stitching it down to an internal line. The latter allows you to have both sets of normals pointing outwards if exporting as a thin mesh- if you roll using folds, the normals of the rolled part will point inwards*. Let me know if you need graphics to demonstrate.

Also don't forget about pins, also as already mentioned. You can pin down one bit then pull another part over the top of the pinned section.

Edit again: if you use folds to get things in the place you want, you can remove the folds afterwards to get rid of the sharp line.

And a further point: you won't get nice rolled-looking edges if you don't have a small enough particle distance on your mesh, it will go jaggy. You can lower the distance after you position your cloth, though, so you can work with the high distance (less load on the system) then decrease it for fine tuning at the end.

*If you use that technique and are exporting to Poser as dynamic clothing, set the outer layer as 'soft decorated'. I've found Studio copes better with layering.
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