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    Jagged selection?

    In Blender, I'm trying to duplicate the lower half of my character model's body. However, the selected area's edges come out jagged. It's not a straight line wrapped around the waist. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?
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    Another way to move clothes?

    In Marvelous Designer, I'm currently using the little hand to move my character's clothes around. Are there more tools to move the clothes besides this one? If so, how do I access them?
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    Rolled up sleeve?

    In Marvelous Designer, I'm using the grab tool to move my character's clothes around. When I pull the sleeve upward, it doesn't fold. It just goes back to its previous position. Is there a way to make a rolled up sleeve?
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    Head not lined up?

    I made a topic a bit ago describing that when I export my model from DAZ 3D, during the export process, the head becomes giant and falls out of place. It winds up that way no matter what program I open it in afterward (Blender, 3DS MAX). I did find a solution for that problem. If I export the...
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    Hair not really connected to the head?

    I have a model in DAZ 3D, and when I export it as an FBX into other programs (Blender, 3DS MAX), the hair isn't connected to the character's head. Why is this? How can I fix it?
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    Invisible hair?

    I have a character model in 3DSMAX, but I can only see blue outlines of the character's hair. However, I can click on the hair proving that it's all there and the outlines do go away, but then the hair just turns completely invisible. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?
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    Strange mass/object in front of my character?

    In DAZ 3D, in the Geometry Editor Tool, I right click in the viewport, and select Geometry Editing, and then Delete Hidden. What I had hidden was the character model's head. However, once I exited the Geometry Editor Tool, there is this strange mass or object in front of my character. Why is...
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    Keep head permanently hidden?

    Is there a way to keep the original Genesis 8 character model's head permanently hidden? I replaced my character's head with another one, and I just hid the G8 model's head, but when I export the character model for posing references, the G8 head reappears. Is there a way to permanently hide the...
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    Completely get rid of head?

    In DAZ 3D, is there a way to completely get rid of the Genesis 8 model's head? I replaced my character's head with another one and just hid the G8 head, but I'm trying to export my character model for posing references, so the G8 head will reappear if I do that, and ruin everything. How can I...
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    Solid colors?

    Is there a way to get parts of my character model in solid colors? For example, I want my character to have solid gray skin, and I want the hair to be solid black.
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    Get two objects in the same exact place?

    In DAZ 3D, how can I get two objects in the same exact place? Changing the numbers doesn't work because of the origin points of the objects.
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    Getting rid of modifier?

    In Blender, I applied a modifier to a character model, but I now want to get rid of this modifier. Is there a way that I can get rid of it?
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    Reset origin point?

    How can I reset the origin point of an object in DAZ 3D?
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    Replacing one head with another?

    In Blender, is there a way to replace one head with another head?
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    Imported object is invisible and giant?

    When I import my object into DAZ 3D, it comes in invisible. I can only see it if I hover over it. Also, the imported object is giant. Why are these things happening, and what can I do to fix them?
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    Replacing the head?

    In DAZ 3D, is there a way to replace the head of a character model?
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    Mesh being affected by bone rotation?

    In Blender, I'm modeling a character, and I'm having an issue with the section of the leg and buttocks. The buttocks part of the mesh is being affected by the bone rotation of the leg. I removed the weight paint, but it still happened. I tried to reposition the bone so that it's not inside of...
  18. Natural Blond

    Natural Blond

  19. D

    Need An Artist For V4 morph/texture

    Hi! First of all, i try to contact Sparky for months via his website mail or hear but she is nowhere to find. If you have any mail or other contact info, please share with me because this is something she can handle for sure! I need a morph and texture for V4.2 of a female deathclaw human...
  20. A Model In Love

    A Model In Love