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  1. 3WC

    Daz Studio Thicker sabers for HiveWire Big Cat 2023-02-03

    Works along with saber tooth morph to make the teeth thicker. Might have to use the chin smaller morph also, play around with the percentage.
  2. MEC4D

    WIP MEC4D - Creations for Dawn 2 and Dusk 2 , work in progress

    Hi everyone, in this thread I will show you some work in progress for my upcoming creations for Dawn2 , mostly clothing , morphs etc.. Right now I focus on 4 different ethnicity female characters from around the globe what will be later accompanied by their male partners to match. I started...
  3. Ken1171

    RELEASED Body Type-10 for Dawn

    ~Body Type-10 for Dawn~ I have been working on this one for a while (Poser+DS). It's the opposite of some of other voluptuous physiques I have done before, more on the skinny and slender side. Here are the 3 views, where you can see the smaller proportions. She is skinny, with small hips and...
  4. Ken1171

    Poser Video Tutorial - Make clothing fit a body morph + fix distortions and pokethrus 1.0

    In this video tutorial I demonstrate how to make conforming clothing to fit a body morph shape, and also how to fix distortions and pokethrus using the Morphing Tool. This tutorial requires Poser Pro.
  5. D

    Need An Artist For V4 morph/texture

    Hi! First of all, i try to contact Sparky for months via his website mail or hear but she is nowhere to find. If you have any mail or other contact info, please share with me because this is something she can handle for sure! I need a morph and texture for V4.2 of a female deathclaw human...
  6. Seliah (Childe of Fyre)

    Daz Studio COF Alma for Dawn (Daz Studio Version) 2018-10-21

    This is just a dial-spun character morph for Dawn. This is the Daz Studio version. If you're a Poser user, you'll need to download the Poser version instead. Included Files : Alma INJ Alma REM File Size : 98 kbs Required Files : Daz Studio 4.6+ Dawn Base Morphs Starter Morphs Dawn Head Shapes...
  7. Seliah (Childe of Fyre)

    Poser COF Alma for Dawn (Poser Version) 2018-10-21

    This is just a dial-spun character morph for Dawn. This is the Poser version. If you use Daz Studio, you'll need to download the DS version. Please make sure you inject Dawn's morph packs BEFORE applying the preset, or it won't do anything. Included Files : Alma INJ Alma REM File Size : 82kbs...
  8. Ken1171

    RELEASED Body Type-4 for Dawn

    After a less successful attempt, I have rebooted Type-4 from scratch, and this is the new shape. It's a different body, but still inspired on the Dead or Alive video game characters when it comes to volumes and proportions. She is also the first busty girl in the series. Here you can see...
  9. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    How do I save a Morph/Pose?

    I'm trying to save a Morph or Pose for Harry, that make him 80% with the click of a button (injection?) Yes, I know people can set him to 80%, but is there a way to do the above? Thank you!
  10. Ken1171

    RELEASED Body Type-1 for Dawn

    Now that Type-3 is cooking at QAV, I finally got more time to work on Type-1. She is the petite and slender from the bunch. Last night I ended up redoing her bust, hips, buttocks, and neck, which got us to the version below. I have been editing both Poser and DS versions to keep them in sync...
  11. Ken1171

    RELEASED Body Type-3 for Dawn

    This is the upcoming "Type-3" body for Dawn, representing the fuller and more voluptuous body type. If you follow the Dawn renders thread, you have already seen her from the image below. As is was with Type-2, the breast shape and position are completely different from Dawn. I also made the...
  12. Ken1171

    RELEASED Narrow Shoulders for Dawn

    This is a project I have started for personal use, and some of you might have already seen it in action for quite a while in my gallery renders. So what does it do? Easier to show and than explain. Keep in mind this morph makes more sense in poses where the arms are down. Otherwise the effect...
  13. Ken1171

    RELEASED Body Type-2 for Dawn

    Many of you have already seen plenty of renders I have done with this custom body sculpt for Dawn. This represents a style I wanted from the very beginning, but nobody was making it, so I gave it a try myself. This custom body sculpt changes the entire body, from shins to neck. It changes...
  14. hemi426

    Centaur for Harry & Dawn

    Hi all, several requests reached me asking for a repost of my Harry & Dawn Centaur morph. Well, here it is! Within the attached zip file you'll find some instructions how to apply the morph... Have fun & happy rendering! Oliver (hemi426) PS: I am quite busy at the moment (in a very...
  15. HaiGan

    Poser Lip Biting morph for Dawn 2017-01-16

    I wanted Diva chewing on her lip for an image, so I made a morph for that using magnets. Then I found it worked just as well for Dawn. Then I made a reverse version. Then I learned how to make an INJ pose. Then I failed to work out how to create a JCM and a REM pose, but hey, baby steps. I'll...
  16. LeoLee

    Leo Lee's Products at HiveWire3D

    Messing around with Dawn SE, Starter Morphs, Heroine and Glamour hair, this end up in this character. So I decided to give her to you as a gift. Hope you enjoy her! Grab her: Tanya for Dawn - A Leo Lee Design Creation at HiveWire 3D
  17. Gadget Girl

    Applying morphs to a smart prop

    So I'm working on a pair of shoes for Luna that have bows on them. Those bows are smart props. All is well and good until I apply the newborn morph to Luna. The shoes, which are conforming morph nicely, but the bows don't know to morph. Now I've saved a pose file with the bows in the right...
  18. DigiDotz

    Daz Studio Dawn Vamp Teeth 2016-04-21

    Basic Vamp Fangs for Dawn morph MR
  19. Jackson Study

    Jackson Study

  20. Gadget Girl

    How to assign a morph to a subcategory in Poser?

    First here's my question, and then the why incase that helps you understand. I want to know when you create a morph, how you can set it to be in one of the sub categories such as Head, Nose, or a custom one. Here's an example of some of Dawns morphs incase I'm not making sense. There are all...