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  1. Promethean Shakedown Cruise

    Promethean Shakedown Cruise

    A Promethean Class Destroyer on a shakedown cruise near Jupiter.
  2. English Bob

    Seam Guides for La Femme 2023-08-07

    These guides were derived from the original LaFemme and will (probably) not be relevant to LaFemme 2. I used Stitch Witch to make the guides, ably aided and abetted by UVMapper Pro and Paint Shop Pro. The head, torso and limb guides are sized at 4096 x 4096 pixels, but can of course be resized...
  3. KageRyu

    Poser 2012-2014 Library Issues Win 7

    Not sure if anyone will be able to assist or not given that I am working in Poser 2014. Trying to get back into finishing some products I started years ago before my father became gravely ill - been running into problems after problems. Recently had a major HD failure on the workstation I was...
  4. E

    Poser 12 to Vue

    Take a saved Poser 12 scene file to Vue: 1. Have Poser 11 installed alongside Poser 12. 2. Tell the Poser 11 library where the Poser 12 runtime is. Likely to be C:\Users\Public\Documents\Poser 12 Content\Runtime\ 3. Open Options in Vue, make sure the Poser path is set to find the Poser 11...
  5. Ken1171

    RELEASED DUF Prop Converter Python Script for Poser 12

    ~DUF Prop Converter~ Since DSON has stopped working somewhere on late Poser 11 times, I could no longer load props and hair from DAZ Studio 4, and that had become a burden to me, limiting the assets I could use in Poser. So I decided to bite the bullet and research how much work would it to be...
  6. Ken1171

    RELEASED DUF Pose Converter Python Script for Poser 12

    DUF Pose Converter for Poser 12 **DUF Pose Converter is a Python script for Poser 12. Requires Poser 12.0.703 or later. Want to expand your poses library? What if you could load DUF poses from DAZ Studio 4 and apply then in Poser to any figure you may have on stage? That's what this script...
  7. Roberta

    An add-on for Elfen Wear for Dawn

    An add-on for "Elfen Wear for Dawn" by SatiraCapriccio. The new package - the name is RA Rey - includes 5 complete sets. If you want to take a look, it's on sale until the end of the month. If you like SatiraCapriccio's products, you will find some add-ons for them.My store at Renderosity
  8. Ken1171

    RELEASED Mags Master Python Script for Poser 12

    ~Mags Master Python Script for Poser 12~ This is a Python script tool to automate many of the tasks when working with magnet deformers in Poser 12. It offers a centralized interface to manipulate magnets, magnet parts, and their parameters, with a myriad of automation commands to make the job...
  9. Ken1171

    RELEASED Dial Master Python script for Poser 12

    ~Dial Master P12~ Ever wanted to dial multiple parameters at once, with the ability to search by keyword, filter by dial type and/or value, set and reset values to maximum, minimum, or default values with 1 click? This script is a great complement to the Parameters Palette. It supports both...
  10. Ken1171

    RELEASED Lister Master 2-Pack Python Script for Poser 12

    ~Lister Master 2-Pack Python Script for Poser 12~ This is a 2-Pack Python scripts for Poser 12 content creators. It includes "File Lister" and "Morphs Lister" scripts. > FILE LISTER P12: ================ This is a tool to help content creators to quickly and easily create the list of...
  11. Ken1171

    RELEASED Scripts Manager Python Script for Poser 12

    Scripts Manager P12 is a centralized, fully dynamic scripts launcher menu for my scripts, and also a 1-click scripts uninstaller - the very first ever made for Poser! Available now at Renderosity! ==> LINK Tired of manually adding scripts to the Poser Scripts Palette, where you can only...
  12. Dream9Studios

    Poser 12 Is Out!!!

    Poser 12 is now available!! It's classified as "pre-release software" so there are still some bugs to be worked out and there will be constant updates but I've jumped on the bandwagon and glad I did. Here's a raw render I did of a character for La Femme that I've been working on just to show...
  13. Dream9Studios

    I think I found a bug with the Hivewire Lion?

    I'm making my first artwork with the Hivewire Lion (which is awesome by the way!) but I've run into what may be a bug. If I use the "Yawn" or "Yawn 2" morphs past a value of 0.6 then the lion's mane will go into his mouth. The mane looks fine before a value of 0.6 but as soon as it hits that...
  14. Ken1171

    RELEASED The "Scatter Tool" plugin for Poser

    I have been showing some of this at the galleries here at HW, so you might have seen some results already. If not, the Scatter Tool is a new plugin for Poser that scatters a prop over the Poser ground plane. Each copy can have variations in scale and rotation, so they don't look all the same. As...
  15. Ken1171

    Poser Video Tutorial - Make clothing fit a body morph + fix distortions and pokethrus 1.0

    In this video tutorial I demonstrate how to make conforming clothing to fit a body morph shape, and also how to fix distortions and pokethrus using the Morphing Tool. This tutorial requires Poser Pro.
  16. KageRyu

    Poser License Manager

    At this time, I will urge all holders of a Poser 2014 Game Development or later license from Smith Micro (not Bondware) to go to the License Manager, open the disclaimer, and grab a screenshot for future reference. This may end up being the only surviving proof of the Promise Smith Micro made...
  17. Rae134

    Poser sold to Rendo

    So Rendo now owns Poser, I wonder what that will mean for the future Smith Micro Announces Sale of its Poser® 3D Rendering & Animation Software
  18. Mean Streets (Poser)

    Mean Streets (Poser)

    Mean Streets for Daz & Poser by BlueTreeStudio
  19. Mean Streets (Daz)

    Mean Streets (Daz)

    Mean Streets for Daz & Poser by BlueTreeStudio
  20. Bettie Page 2014

    Bettie Page 2014

    A render from 2014