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  1. Glass Bells

    Glass Bells

    Bell Flowers with some of Winter Glitter materials. Poser/Superfly.
  2. Cat Figurine

    Cat Figurine

    HW Housecat with my WIP shaders Winter Glitter for SuperFly
  3. Project Evolution character study

    Project Evolution character study

  4. Willowisp

    Heads up - Poser on sale now also at Rendo

    SM recently put the upgrade price to PP11 to a whopping $49.95, and I was tempted to finally upgrade - until I realized that the price for Europeans was actually 55 euros, which equates to $65, which changed the price from 'affordable xmas present for myself' to 'too much for a hobby'. But now...
  5. F

    DAZ to Poser - how?

    I did an add - on for the HiveWireHorse in DAZ and people would like to use it in poser too. How can I export the stuff to poser? Or more lazily, would somebody do it for me? Once inside Poser I will be able to more or less tweak what needs tweaking but I can't seem to find any instructions how...
  6. Dawn

    Poser Xmas 2017 Freebie - Dynamics for Dawn - Seven Year Itch Dress for Poser 2017-12-05

    Please note this is quite high in polygons. Dynamic Dress for Dawn
  7. Ken1171

    Trouble with HSV shader node in Firefly

    When I use the HSV shader node in Firefly to change a texture color from red to blue, the blue shows with red speckles all over the material. It seems to only partially change the color, leaving random speckles of the original texture color showing. These speckles show in both previews and...
  8. J

    Multiple Zipfile Installer for Poser macOS Sierra

    Hi! I'm looking for a zipfile installer for Poser, specifically for macOS, that can handle installing multiple zips at the same time. Poser can natively do one at a time, which can be a chore if you've got a bunch of new purchases to install...or if you went mining the internet for freebies...
  9. Common Starweed Closeup SF WIP

    Common Starweed Closeup SF WIP

  10. Common Starweed Closeup 2 SF WIP

    Common Starweed Closeup 2 SF WIP

  11. Remembering Old Ways

    Remembering Old Ways

    Poser, Superfly.
  12. Playing Time

    Playing Time

  13. Summer Gold

    Summer Gold

    Yellow version of the carnation macroshoot. Lisa's Botanicals Carnation with my SF shaders.
  14. spearcarrier

    DAZ dynamic cloth hair, defeated!

    So I upgraded to Windows 10, and it took my external hard drive with it. I lost a lot of important stuff, including the remapped working of Bunny Girl I was gonna share with her creator. It also took my dynamic hair project, which I've been working on a for a long while. Lucky for me I...
  15. TaishoBee

    Genesis 1 in Poser Render Queue

    I'm trying to render a scene in the queue with G1. I have no idea what's wrong but it's driving me crazy! If I render in Poser itself, it's fine, but when the render is sent to the queue, G1 resets and is back in the zero position. I'm using Poser Pro 11 and Windows 10 Pro. I'd post a...
  16. StudioMartillo

    Studio Martillo's Free Stuff

    Here you will find Props and Poses, and also some renders and stories. All of the Content is made for Poser but most will work OK in DS. There are no restrictions on use, and no membership required. Enjoy: StudioMartillo
  17. Ken1171

    Genesis 8 Female in Poser

    This week I've got commissioned to create dozens of morphs for G8F, but she seems incompatible with CR2 Exporter. I can't be sure, but it looks like she has 2 bones (bend and twist) per group in some body parts, which breaks the Poser rigging mold. I use the Morphing Tool and magnets to create...
  18. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Problems with Dynamics Sim

    I am having issues with doing a sim on a dress. It's dynamic, not conforming, I've gone through the sim tutorials 5 times. I tried setting the pose at 30 and setting the pose at 21 and then letting it finish out to 30. All of the parameters on the dress are set to default (zero). This is a...
  19. D

    KageRyu's Community Gifts

    I had thought I already started a thread like this, but since I am unable to find it, here it is. I just added a set of poses for Dawn for Summoner's Witch's Broom that can be used for the dramatic or whimsical alike. They can be found at these links: Witch's Dawn - Poser - ShareCG Witch's...
  20. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    What causes this?- Solved!

    I've made sure that the transparency is really strong. So, why am I getting this?