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  1. Fairy and Unicorn

    Fairy and Unicorn

  2. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    How do I save a Morph/Pose?

    I'm trying to save a Morph or Pose for Harry, that make him 80% with the click of a button (injection?) Yes, I know people can set him to 80%, but is there a way to do the above? Thank you!
  3. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    How to save a size morph

    I need to save a size/scale morph in both Poser and DS. Basically, Harry at 80%. It's for a product, so I only want it to save the size, right? I can't figure out what to save it as. Everything I've tried seems to put ALL of Harry's info in the file. Is that what is supposed to happen? I had...
  4. Roberta

    How to use "Wardrobe Wizard" ....again

    Hello to all, I know it's an old utility, but only now I should use it. The page dedicated to this no longer exists on the PhilC website........ Any help will be welcome:)
  5. The Old King

    The Old King

    Created with Poser Pro 2014 and Cinema 4D Studio R12 Post work: Photoshop CS Best viewed in full size Thanks for viewing and comments. B->
  6. LisaB

    Complete Guide to Animation in Poser by Nerd3D - Webinar Discussion

    This thread is for followup discussion about the webinar The Complete Guide to Animation in Poser Saturday, May 12th and Sunday May 13, 2018. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Register for the FREE webinar. Follow...
  7. Balance


    First play with Willow for Dawn:)
  8. D

    Behind the Scenes at Crazy Ace Media

    I thought, now that we have a nice new forum for Animation and animators, I would go ahead and secure my thread for my WIPs and Behind the Scenes projects. For those who do not know, Crazy Ace Media is the name for my Video and Commercial Arts studio (it's actually the 3rd name). Most of my...
  9. Test Walk

    Test Walk

    Poser quick test of a walk.
  10. D

    Testers Needed For Dusk Soccer Poses

    I need a few tester's for a set of Poses for Dusk/DuskSE themed around Soccer. Tester Requirements: Poser 10/2014 or later Dusk or DuskSE from Hivewire3D STZ Beach Stadium 2 by Santuziy78 (Renderosity) Experience as a product tester is preferred. This testing package has lots of full...
  11. From Flame And Sorrow

    From Flame And Sorrow

  12. PE Lulu - Soft Natural

    PE Lulu - Soft Natural

  13. Romantic Glitter

    Romantic Glitter

    Promo for Romantic Glitter for Superfly. Features House Cat :)
  14. Golden Lab

    Golden Lab

    my first quick text of the new Big Dog in Poser (superfly render)
  15. Glass Bells

    Glass Bells

    Bell Flowers with some of Winter Glitter materials. Poser/Superfly.
  16. Cat Figurine

    Cat Figurine

    HW Housecat with my WIP shaders Winter Glitter for SuperFly
  17. Project Evolution character study

    Project Evolution character study

  18. Willowisp

    Heads up - Poser on sale now also at Rendo

    SM recently put the upgrade price to PP11 to a whopping $49.95, and I was tempted to finally upgrade - until I realized that the price for Europeans was actually 55 euros, which equates to $65, which changed the price from 'affordable xmas present for myself' to 'too much for a hobby'. But now...
  19. F

    DAZ to Poser - how?

    I did an add - on for the HiveWireHorse in DAZ and people would like to use it in poser too. How can I export the stuff to poser? Or more lazily, would somebody do it for me? Once inside Poser I will be able to more or less tweak what needs tweaking but I can't seem to find any instructions how...
  20. Dawn

    Poser Xmas 2017 Freebie - Dynamics for Dawn - Seven Year Itch Dress for Poser 2017-12-05

    Please note this is quite high in polygons. Dynamic Dress for Dawn