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Poser Karina's "Batch Colour" Gadget (MR) v 1.1

Create textures whose base colour can be changed with one click

  1. Karina
    Many Poser users are still horrified of the Material Room and would rather have a tooth pulled than ever opening that ominous tab...

    So if you, as a content creator, offer your customers a simple, clickable solution to easily change the colour of a prop, a material, or even multiple props and materials in one go, you will be their best friend!

    This little gadget is the solution you've been looking for.


    All you need to do is to add a single node to your textures and connect it in a particular way (described in the manual), and add the script and it's files to your product.

    Contained in this download are the library files and icons, the Python script which does the work, and two manuals (one for you and one for your users)

    The "Set Colour" gadget and all of it's files are Public Domain, so you can redistribute them with any of your products, whether freebie or commercial.



    While this gadget is primarily intended as a merchant resource, every user with a little knowledge of Poser's Material Room can use it to set up and change his own textures.

    It's really easy!
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