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  1. KageRyu

    Seeking Product Advice

    A project I have wanted to render for some time requires certain Asian/Polynesian aspects. One of the renders I want a Hawaiian woman with a circle or wreath of flowers like one might find in a Lei. I already have the Hawaiian outfits for Dusk/Dawn/M4/V4 but I am having trouble finding a...
  2. D

    Need An Artist For V4 morph/texture

    Hi! First of all, i try to contact Sparky for months via his website mail or hear but she is nowhere to find. If you have any mail or other contact info, please share with me because this is something she can handle for sure! I need a morph and texture for V4.2 of a female deathclaw human...
  3. Karina

    Poser Karina's "Batch Colour" Gadget (MR) v 1.1

    Many Poser users are still horrified of the Material Room and would rather have a tooth pulled than ever opening that ominous tab... So if you, as a content creator, offer your customers a simple, clickable solution to easily change the colour of a prop, a material, or even multiple props and...
  4. MattVG

    HiveWire Big Cat Lion asking for missing texture

    I just bought and installed the HiveWire Big Cat Lion today and upon attempting to load the lion, it says "Unable to locate file. Could not find file: /Runtime/Textures/CWRW/CWRW_HWBigCat/CWRW_HWBigCat2B.jpg" I then have the options to Locate, Skip, or Stop Asking. This texture isn't listed on...
  5. Sparkled And Musicbox

    Sparkled And Musicbox

    Showing off mine and Rae's work on the horse, saddle and bridle and poses. The music box is one modeled in Anim8or and put together in Poser.
  6. DigiDotz

    Daz Studio Chistmas Wrap DS Shader Preset 2016-12-06

    Textures in runtime folder for non Daz Studio __License - Unrestricted Use__ users
  7. Gadget Girl

    Keeping images from pixelating (should I be using vector images)

    Alright, need some photoshop help. I'm trying to make a field of Fleur de Lis for my barding for Harry. (If you don't know this would be the French coat of arms). This was an example where I just grabbed and image and slapped it on, but I don't like how it tiled, and I don't think I could...
  8. Faery_Light

    Bejeweled and Fantasy sets:WIP

    This is what I'm working on with Rae134 now for Harry. Watch for more as we progress. This first one is one I rendered in Poser.
  9. Leopard Uni

    Leopard Uni

    Close up of my new Kitty Ponies Leopard texture