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  1. F

    Solid colors?

    Is there a way to get parts of my character model in solid colors? For example, I want my character to have solid gray skin, and I want the hair to be solid black.
  2. Winterbrose A&G

    The Beginner's Guide to Surfaces and Colors for Daz Studio

    TBG4 Surfaces and Colors Everyone knows what Colors and Surfaces are, or do they? Scratch the surface for both of these topics and start creating colorful and more detailed artwork using Daz Studio! Grab a copy of this tutorial to take you step-by-step from using color parameters to add life...
  3. Karina

    Poser Karina's "Batch Colour" Gadget (MR) v 1.1

    Many Poser users are still horrified of the Material Room and would rather have a tooth pulled than ever opening that ominous tab... So if you, as a content creator, offer your customers a simple, clickable solution to easily change the colour of a prop, a material, or even multiple props and...
  4. Ken1171

    Trouble with HSV shader node in Firefly

    When I use the HSV shader node in Firefly to change a texture color from red to blue, the blue shows with red speckles all over the material. It seems to only partially change the color, leaving random speckles of the original texture color showing. These speckles show in both previews and...