Poser The K cigarette 2018-07-29

For those who still enjoy smoking

  1. Karina

    is a little prop for those of us who still smoke, or at least want to render scenes with people smoking...
    (Yes I know - smoking kills, and yadda yadda)

    PROMO 1.jpg

    As most of my props it has some options and morphs (like unlit/lit/burning down)
    Just try each dial to see what exactly it does.

    The cigarette tip was added later to be used in a 1920's scene (think "The Great Gatsby")
    It has no extra functions.

    Both the cigarette and the cigarette tip come in exact real world scale (e.g. the cigarette is 84 millimetres long)
    They can be loaded either as independent, unparented props or as smartprops which automatically parent to the RIGHT hand's index finger, or to each other (like -->cigarette to tip).
    Reparent as you need.

    As an extra there is a "smart" smoke column which parents to the cigarette.
    Please read the manual for further information on how it works best.

    Finally I've included two hand poses and two full body poses for SASHA-16, for inspirational purposes.
    All poses should work on other figures too, with slight adjustments.

    Happy rendering! (cough! cough!)


    PROMO 2.jpg
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