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Japanese Freebies/Websites


These are the links which I monitor ( on my own blog) for updates and freebie announcements, in case you want to check them out yourselves:-

<note from Alisa - blog is no longer available, just look at links here, please>
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Thanks! I've been meaning to check out a lot of the Japanese stuff, but always got distracted. It's nice to see a link that is monitored.


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Already welcomed you back in January :)

Thanks for this - really appreciate all your links over the years to freebies from the amazing Japanese artists - glad to have this link


Some updates I found from sites on (and not on) the list:
  1. For Scampixie Pranx owners, new table tennis clothes: Table-Tennis Clothes for Scampixie Pranx
  2. V4 Character settings from Nature3D/wing-Ao: Nature ! マイキャラ作り 3回目(パラメータ)
  3. Candy at the Ultrawoman blog uploaded to Sharecg a new Masked Rider for V4: ShareCG - candy's Gallery
  4. tofusan made an Anime head (morph) for G3F: This one is not on the list. It is on Pixiv (google: tofusan pixiv). There is nsfw stuff on Pixiv, and on this account, so I am not linking it...but its a nice head morph.
  5. niseisya made a "steak set" (yes, steak meals on a plate) for poser: This one is not on the list. It is on Pixiv (google: niseisya pixiv). There is nsfw stuff on Pixiv, so I am not linking it.


My bad, thanks for the heads up!

Tofusan has a new Iray skin shader set on his Pixiv site, which is nsfw. Not sure if/when it will make it to his ShareCG.