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  1. pommerlis


    I'm thinking of also releasing my freebies for Dawn & Dusk at rendo. Now I have them uploaded here. What do you all think? Should I?
  2. pommerlis

    Poser Pommie's Boutique vol.2-Darcy Dress for Dawn 2018-12-31

    This is a set of simple textures for Dynamics 01-Darcy Dress for Dawn. 10 Textures for the dress in mc6 format. It's meant for Poser 9+ and you will need Dawn and the dress to be able to use this. MTBoutique02 by pommerlis posted Dec 31, 2018 at 2:03 PM PIPBoutique02A by pommerlis posted Dec...
  3. RobZhena

    RobZhena's Freebies

    Here is a link to my freebies page at Rendo. Most are for Poser 11 Pauline and Paul, but I also have a Heroine Maisie for Hivewire's newest young lady. Cheers!
  4. Faery_Light

    A link for my new Freebie site.

    I just created a site to put all my freebies in one place so they are easier to find without searching. Here is the link, let me know if a link fails to work. They all work for me but I can make mistakes...lol. Faery Light's Digital Doings
  5. HaiGan

    HaiGan's Horsefeathers: Christmas for the Shetland Pony!

    Hai Gan's Poser Pages I'd not found the time to properly get to work on a repair or replacement for my old freebies website after the previous CMS version broke as the result of an automated update. Yesterday I decided to go old-school and throw together a fairly basic HTML link page for pretty...
  6. L

    CyclopsStudio - Lyrra Madril Freebies

    Heyas I am starting this thread to have a parking sport to post links to my freebies. Over the next few days I will be adding links to various freebie items I have made. ** content coming soon** Lyrra Madril
  7. Lorraine

    Lorraine's Freebies

    My texture freebies available from Sharecg, Daz Studio ONLY Animal Crackers for Sanbie's Cutie Pie for Diva - DAZ Studio At the Seaside for Sanbie's Cutie Pie for Diva - DAZ Studio Girly Girls for Sanbie's Cutie Pie for Diva - DAZ Studio
  8. ibr_remote

    My freebies for Pauline

    I've uploaded my freebies for Pauline to my space at ShareCG :- ShareCG - infinity10's portfolio These are for non-commercial renders at this time, because I want to gather feedback from users if there are errors in the contents. If most people are happy that the items perform well for them...
  9. ibr_remote

    Japanese Freebies/Websites

    These are the links which I monitor ( on my own blog) for updates and freebie announcements, in case you want to check them out yourselves:- <note from Alisa - blog is no longer available, just look at links here, please>
  10. Llola Lane

    Llola Lane's Freebies

    Hi gang... I have several places to grab my freebies... ShareCG - llolalane's Gallery LlolaLane's Freestuff on Renderosity Llola Lane : Attic's Free Zone PFD TEXTURE CHALLENGES ENJOY!