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  1. Parmy

    How To Use The Spotlight Settings in Daz Studio

    In this video I will go through the individual settings that Spotlights have in Daz Studio. Click here to watch Distant Lights Tutorial and learn what the illumination, colour, Intensity and Photometric modes do. » https://youtu.be/O6CwO7ch_jI?t=158 Click here to watch Daz Studio...
  2. Seliah (Childe of Fyre)

    Daz Studio COF Alma for Dawn (Daz Studio Version) 2018-10-21

    This is just a dial-spun character morph for Dawn. This is the Daz Studio version. If you're a Poser user, you'll need to download the Poser version instead. Included Files : Alma INJ Alma REM File Size : 98 kbs Required Files : Daz Studio 4.6+ Dawn Base Morphs Starter Morphs Dawn Head Shapes...
  3. Man of Steel (Superman)

    Man of Steel (Superman)

    Man of Steel (Superman)
  4. Man of Steel (Superman)

    Man of Steel (Superman)

    Man of Steel (Superman)
  5. Superman and Lois Lane

    Superman and Lois Lane

    Man of Steel (Superman) and Lois Lane.
  6. Verres 2

    Verres 2

    A test render of a custom iray glass shader.
  7. Roxanne


    My first attempt of a portrait in DS / Iray. I still don't have the lighting down, but it's a start. Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  8. Serpentina


    Finally had a chance to play with some new toys :D
  9. Gadget Girl

    How to save an updated version of a DS figure?

    Okay, so DS is breaking my brain at the moment, and sadly what I need to do is so simple, my googling powers seem to be failing me as I look for a solution. Basically, what's the best way to save a figure (in this case a clothing item) in Daz Studio? Specifically I'm trying to save iterations...
  10. C

    Genesis 2 animation !

    Hi Everyone I would like to share this free animation for Genesis 2 TC Runway Modeling 04 http://goo.gl/WE7b2N Mocap animation at 30fps with animated breasts It includes an animation for Daz and also for poser! Included in this Product: DAZ3D: 1 Full Body animation (800frames at 30fps)...
  11. Alexis


  12. ibr_remote

    Japanese Freebies/Websites

    These are the links which I monitor ( on my own blog) for updates and freebie announcements, in case you want to check them out yourselves:- <note from Alisa - blog is no longer available, just look at links here, please>