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How to save an updated version of a DS figure?

Gadget Girl

Contributing Artist
Okay, so DS is breaking my brain at the moment, and sadly what I need to do is so simple, my googling powers seem to be failing me as I look for a solution.

Basically, what's the best way to save a figure (in this case a clothing item) in Daz Studio? Specifically I'm trying to save iterations of the same figure so I can make sure my changes are being saved, and make any fixes needed. And making sure my changes are saved is the issue.

You see I have an accessory for Dusk, some leggings, and they have a few movement morphs. The morphs live on the shins, but I wanted controls so you could move them from the body. I actually managed to rig all this up, and it works. Until I try and save the figure and reload it. Then the sliders are there, but they don't actually do anything anymore.

So first things first, here's how I'm trying to save. With the item selected, I go to File -> Save As -> Support Asset -> Figure/Prop Asset here's how my check boxes are set up:

All well and good I would think. But the problem is, when I load the new item into my scene to test it, the sliders are broken again. My first thought was that maybe I had forgot to make it a TriAx figure, but I'm pretty sure I did (I'm not really sure how to check) because when I tried to do that after the fact it said it was the wrong type to convert to TriAx.

At one point, I got it to work briefly. I saved a version of the file to a different folder than the original, and when I loaded that item it worked. I thought saving to a different location was the answer made a couple more tweaks, and tried again, and the newer versions again stopped working.

I have no idea how I got it to save correctly once, but here's the really frustrating thing. Through trial and error I found out that DS doesn't seem to be quite consistent in where it's putting files. Here's what I mean. The original was in a folder called TribalOrnaments. The version I saved that worked was in another parallel folder (meaning it was in the same folder as TribalOrnaments, call TribalOrnaments_new). All well and good. So after I had generated lots of non-working versions, I closed down DS cleaned up what I thought were bad versions of the files from the data folder and re-opened and tried again. The version that had worked, no longer did. But. . . I realized that if I put back one set of files into the data/GadgetGirlGames/TribalOrnaments folders, it worked again. So it wasn't actually using the files in the data/GadgetGirlGames/TribalOrnaments_new folder even though there were morph files there.

While I'm on the topic, I figured I'd ask this is as well. I've seen people say that the best way to save something and create the file structure for DS is to save to a flash drive. I did try this as well, but all I get is one .duf file without all the other files that would go with it, so I'm guessing I'm skipping a step.

Hope that makes sense to someone.

CG Cubed

Technical Director
Staff member
HW3D Exclusive Artist
The issue is you are overwriting the dsf file even though you have different item names and duf files. They will all point to the same dsf file which will only be compatible with the last save. The secret is that you must change the product name so that it gets written to a different data folder. I tend to use 001 as the suffix for my iterations. Then when I have a final, I will drop the numbers. If you overwrite files, any morphs with updated names may be created but the old ones will still remain, so you have to delete them manually. This is why I do a clean save at the end, with the final name.

Hope that helps