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  1. Dream9Studios

    Need help making a superfly shader

    I'm currently working on converting all the characters for my graphic novel project from Firefly to Superfly and I've run into a problem. Well, several problems but I'm only going to ask about one for right now. LOL The attached render is of the lovely and mysterious character known as Olivia...
  2. Dream9Studios

    I think I found a bug with the Hivewire Lion?

    I'm making my first artwork with the Hivewire Lion (which is awesome by the way!) but I've run into what may be a bug. If I use the "Yawn" or "Yawn 2" morphs past a value of 0.6 then the lion's mane will go into his mouth. The mane looks fine before a value of 0.6 but as soon as it hits that...
  3. Dream9Studios

    Help Me Save This from the Scrap Heap

    I hope I posted this in the correct forum! I worked on this scene for three days straight and now I'm almost sick of looking at it. It just doesn't look right to me somehow but I don't know how to fix it to make it look "right". Can you help me improve it? It's basically Indiana Jones vs. the...
  4. F

    Clothes shaking?

    In Marvelous Designer, when putting my character model's jacket over their shirt, it causes the clothing to shake around. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?
  5. F

    Import comes put tiny?

    I export my character model from DAZ 3D and import it into Blender. When I export my character model from Blender back into DAZ 3D, the model is extremely tiny. How can I get the the model to stay the correct size?
  6. F

    Jagged selection?

    In Blender, I'm trying to duplicate the lower half of my character model's body. However, the selected area's edges come out jagged. It's not a straight line wrapped around the waist. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?
  7. Me195

    A question about making HD morphs in DS

    I've been wanting to make some HD morphs for Dawn and Dusk. I searched for some tutorials on the subject, and my results were clogged with old forum posts in other forums saying that you can't make HD morphs unless you are a vendor. Is that still true? If it is still true then is it possible...
  8. A

    use of HCS II magnets with HCS pro

    I the HCS pro I use magnets from 2012 and 2014 switched to it. I also have an HCS II magnet set I would like to use with HCS pro, has anyone done this if so how. I would appreciate any help
  9. Gadget Girl

    Grouping in DS and trouble with .cr2 export

    So I'm trying to convert a DS item to Poser, and I'm having issues. I think it has to do with grouping in DS, but I'm not sure. So here's what's happening: I can't get the the item to export correctly as a .cr2. When I open the exported .cr2 in Poser, I don't get any geometry. The rig has come...
  10. Me195

    Poser Rebelling. Need Help

    I have an unusual problem. I've used the Ruckus morph on Dawn to create a unique character without any issues. I haven't needed to use the match centers to Morph function or anything just load the morph and go. Yesterday I tried to load it and got this. On the right is the character I made a...
  11. Gadget Girl

    AutoGroup Editor? Will it do what I need?

    So I've been struggling with an outfit I'm making for Zan/Taji because it's a lot of trouble to group, and I'm wondering if AutoGroup Editor will do what I want (don't own it yet, but I'd happily buy it if it does). My big concern is so far I haven't been able to watch it's demo video, the link...
  12. Gadget Girl

    3DL materials not previewing correctly

    So I'm not a big DS user, and I don't know if this is normal (I know in Poser there are certain things that just won't preview correctly). I have a black option for the shoes I'm working on, which is basically the white option with the Diffuse Color changed. It renders just fine, but it...
  13. Gadget Girl

    Creating clothing for Diva in Daz Studio

    So. . . I've been working on this pair of children's shoes, that I almost have finished up. Originally they were for Luna, but then Diva came out, and I made a version for Diva in Poser. All is well and good. I've gotten the Luna version into DS and they seem to work just fine, although I'm...
  14. Gadget Girl

    Solved How to receive e-mail notifications on Conversations

    So quick question, because after all this time I've never figured this out. Is there a way to receive e-mail notifications on private conversations I'm having on the forums. This would be a huge help to me if there was, but I've never found a way to do it.
  15. Gadget Girl

    How to setup a new Runtime/Content Library in DS?

    Okay first off I should say, I do know in DS how to go to the Content Directory Manager and select an existing folder and tell DS to use it as either a DS or a Poser formatted content library/runtime. But here's the thing I created a huge amount of trouble for myself on my last (and first) DS...
  16. Gadget Girl

    How to save an updated version of a DS figure?

    Okay, so DS is breaking my brain at the moment, and sadly what I need to do is so simple, my googling powers seem to be failing me as I look for a solution. Basically, what's the best way to save a figure (in this case a clothing item) in Daz Studio? Specifically I'm trying to save iterations...
  17. Rae134

    Help! I'm so much a DS user I'm totally lost in Poser!

    If anyone know of some good (free) videos on the basics of Poser 11 pro (or relevant) I would love a list of them :D With DS I didn't have much problems setting up a basic scene when I first started. I could work out lights (maybe not so they looked good, but enough to light up a scene :P) and...
  18. Gadget Girl

    Where should Poser geometry files go? Best practices.

    So Poser has done a couple things recently that have confused me, or at least made me realize that I don't understand it's files as well as I thought I did. I'm working on a conforming item. I created the geometry elsewhere, imported it as a .obj file into Poser then added some rigging and...
  19. Gadget Girl

    Adding a new resource

    Okay so I feel silly asking this, but I can for the life of me figure it out, despite the fact I've don it in the past. How do I add a new free resource? I can see the resources I've added before, but I can't see to find the button to add another one.
  20. Gadget Girl

    How to add morphs to clothes without infringement?

    So as I'm putting together my conforming clothing set I have a question on morphs for clothing so that they match the figure. With my free robe I did a morph for axel, but that was all done with manual adjustments so I didn't worry about it, and just used the Axel morph as a guide. However if...