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daz studio

  1. The Depths - Seahorse

    The Depths - Seahorse

    Postworked image from Underwater Webinar
  2. Don't swim in the dark

    Don't swim in the dark

  3. Sailboat 4

    Sailboat 4

    Image from upcoming Water Webinar - Setting the Scene
  4. F

    Import comes put tiny?

    I export my character model from DAZ 3D and import it into Blender. When I export my character model from Blender back into DAZ 3D, the model is extremely tiny. How can I get the the model to stay the correct size?
  5. F

    Bounding volumes not in place?

    I'm using Marvelous Designer. The bounding volumes aren't properly wrapping around my character model. I imported it from DAZ 3D. They are on the lower half, but not the upper half. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?
  6. F

    Import DAZ 3D/Maya model to Marvelous Designer?

    Is there a way to directly import a model from DAZ 3D or Maya into Marvelous Designer?
  7. F

    Completely get rid of head?

    In DAZ 3D, is there a way to completely get rid of the Genesis 8 model's head? I replaced my character's head with another one and just hid the G8 head, but I'm trying to export my character model for posing references, so the G8 head will reappear if I do that, and ruin everything. How can I...
  8. Got it!

    Got it!

  9. Ms Ivy

    Ivy Summers Animations

    Hi Folks :) Thank you for viewing my thread . here you will find the animation Short films I have created with Daz Studio and Poser. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I love to make them. ~Ivy More to come soon...
  10. Silver Unicorn

    Silver Unicorn

  11. WIP Time To Rest And Talk

    WIP Time To Rest And Talk

    Night Eyes shaders for Iray and Superfly WIP, iray version
  12. Me195

    A question about making HD morphs in DS

    I've been wanting to make some HD morphs for Dawn and Dusk. I searched for some tutorials on the subject, and my results were clogged with old forum posts in other forums saying that you can't make HD morphs unless you are a vendor. Is that still true? If it is still true then is it possible...
  13. Lobo3433

    Hexagon tutorials

    I just found that many of the original video tutorials that use to be included in the Hexagon user manual are now available on Youtube and they are well worth the time to watch they cover about all the available tools with in Hexagon. These are a dated back to when Hexagon release 2.0 so should...
  14. Dawn

    Daz Studio Xmas 2017 Freebie - dForce - Seven Year Itch Dress for Dawn 2017-12-05

    dForce Dress for DAZ studio 4.10 plus.
  15. Time to Rest

    Time to Rest

    Daz Studio wore me out. Thanks Rae134
  16. Blast it Daz...Now I have to fix it!

    Blast it Daz...Now I have to fix it!

  17. And waiting....

    And waiting....

  18. I think I broke DazStudio...

    I think I broke DazStudio...

  19. I'm so confused....DazStudio scared the life out of me

    I'm so confused....DazStudio scared the life out of me

  20. Elisabeth - Chocolate And Gold

    Elisabeth - Chocolate And Gold

    Elisabeth by MDC (G3F)