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Ms Ivy


Hi Folks :)
Thank you for viewing my thread . here you will find the animation Short films I have created with Daz Studio and Poser. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I love to make them.

More to come soon...


Wow! Impressive work! I've watched about ten of them. The country girl one didn't work here, I watched it on YouTube.



Contributing Artist
It's good to see someone making movies! Loved the Night Before Christmas.


Oh, very nice animations, and a lot of effort, which means you must really love what you're doing. I especially liked Ratty Mouse Taking the Cheese for the suspenseful story :) I liked the excellent animation of the plane flight in the Adventurous Anime Girl story. Migrating south had a cute ending :) And Santa's sleigh ride was reminiscent of Rankin holiday specials. These are wonderful.....please keep up the good work....and if you have the time and interest, please stop by skylab chat thread and share with us how you do your projects. My animations are primarily done in Poser...and Janet does both Poser and DAZ Studio. The most recent DAZ Studio animation that I have is a short loop of Michael 6 playing the guitar. So....stop by to see us if you get a chance.