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Sparky's products at HiveWire


HW3D QAV Queen Bee
Staff member
psst..Sparky's a she. Must be the name that confuses us all! Funny when you see a screen name and are sure the person is male or female and are wrong (having done that myself a lot lol, Sparky being one of them !).

carmen indorato

Oops. This is the same Sparky of Philosophers Egg?
Yeah.... feels stupid now. But then before I changed my Avatar and my online name on some sites everyone thought I was female.

carmen indorato

Looks nice.. Very leggy set. I didn't know Dawn and Dusk had a creature creature set for stuff like legs....or were they created for this morph set?


HW3D President
Staff member
These are stellar products too. So happy to have them in our store.

Love to see your BONEZ hit the store today.


The cat skeleton does indeed look very cool. I just find the naming convention confusing. To me, I think the skeleton should have been called Skelecat, and the Skelecat called, I don't know, something like Dessikitty, as it looks slightly dessicated! :)
Bonez makes me think of Gareee's Bonez product instead. Oh well, don't mind me, I'm just musing out loud :)


Hi Sparky. Just got your BoneZ. Any possibility of adding muscles to the skeleton? It will turn it into a monster and yet look natural!