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Sparky's products at HiveWire


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I'm sorry, Chris! I think some lines of communication must have gotten crossed. I didn't get any emails from anyone at HiveWire during the dog hiatus, and I've since tried to get feedback on the elephant project as well as some others, I believe, but didn't get any responses. The last I heard from anyone about the Newborn Puppies in QA was when Alisa told me that it had been put on hold for the dog update. The only reason I knew the dog update had been completed was because I got a Renderosity newsletter with the HiveWire Puppy in it. :-/


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Love your Husky morph. Yay, well done.

The doggy lives!!

Hey, since you're promoting your work here, does this mean you're going to sell this Husky through HiveWire?

Initially, it will be on my own site, because, as I shared previously, I'm having a bit of a crisis, and I need everything I earn to be available to me as quickly as possible. I might be homeless before the QA process is done, LOL. Once this is all over and I know I have a place to live, I will submit it through here.


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Hi Folks.

To be fair to ALL Contributing Artists, we have moved posts about products being sold at Philosophers Egg over to our Across the Community forum here Sparky's items for HiveWire Dog as this forum is for products that will be released at HiveWire 3D.

We look forward to the day when discussion here can resume as that will mean that we will be getting some sweet new products in our store. :cool:

Thank you for understanding.