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  1. In love.jpg

    In love.jpg

  2. Beefcake


    Dusk with a lot of morphs and dial spinning. Going for that 1960s beefcake/bodybuilder vibe. Rendered in Poser Pro 11.2 using SuperFly, post render work in Photoshop.
  3. SoccerGuyGreyOrangeHiQ1A.jpg


    Dusk Soccer Player in Grey and Orange
  4. Wrestler2A.jpg


    Dusk Wrestler
  5. Sprite3.jpg


    Dusk as a sprite in flight (WIP)
  6. DuskSprite1.jpg


    Dusk as a sprite (WIP)
  7. DarioDuskStudioPose1.jpg


    Dusk with Dario texture.
  8. DantePortraitStudio5A.jpg


    Dusk full body portrait
  9. DantePortrait4A.jpg


    Dusk with Dante texture - portrait
  10. DanteOnCrateHiQ1.jpg


    Dusk with Dante texture.
  11. For-All-The-Marbles.jpg


  12. Dusk poncho.jpg

    Dusk poncho.jpg

    a basic dynamic poncho for Dusk
  13. Dragon Ruckus Flying.jpg

    Dragon Ruckus Flying.jpg

  14. Natures Child

    Natures Child

    Had to create an image with Dusk & BabyLuna after spoiling myself with some items for these two.
  15. Bridge House

    Bridge House

    Bridge House for Daz Studio by BlueTreeStudio
  16. All I Need

    All I Need

    Dawn and Dusk Together Poses by Aelin available at Fantasy Attic, Dawn SE, Dusk SE, Rocker Girl Outfit for Genesis 8, Leathered up outfit for Genesis 2, Bar Room interior
  17. Faces of Fury

    Faces of Fury

  18. We Don't Have Your Stupid Gold Coin

    We Don't Have Your Stupid Gold Coin

  19. Dusk Faun

    Dusk Faun

    Dusk as faun, using Sparky's Reindeer for Dusk, CWRW's texture for Dusk, My background painted in PD Howler.
  20. A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

    A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste