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  1. Bridge House

    Bridge House

    Bridge House for Daz Studio by BlueTreeStudio
  2. All I Need

    All I Need

    Dawn and Dusk Together Poses by Aelin available at Fantasy Attic, Dawn SE, Dusk SE, Rocker Girl Outfit for Genesis 8, Leathered up outfit for Genesis 2, Bar Room interior
  3. Faces of Fury

    Faces of Fury

  4. We Don't Have Your Stupid Gold Coin

    We Don't Have Your Stupid Gold Coin

  5. Dusk Faun

    Dusk Faun

    Dusk as faun, using Sparky's Reindeer for Dusk, CWRW's texture for Dusk, My background painted in PD Howler.
  6. A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

    A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

  7. Save The Prince

    Save The Prince

  8. Plains Centaur-Done-sm

    Plains Centaur-Done-sm

    Horse, Dusk, Taka texture, Running Horse Texture, Wild Rose Tack, Native tack, Tribal Ornaments, Dusk Jewelry, Musica Fantasia, Nataani Pose,bow, purse, belt, arrows. Racing Tack for HW Horse, Western Saddle Texture on Blanket, Post work in PD Howler
  9. His Hawk, His Hound, His Lady Fair

    His Hawk, His Hound, His Lady Fair

    Arabian for HW Horse Dusk with Joe skin, custom morph Peregrine Falcon Big Dog with Black Lab skin My background from PD Howler
  10. pommerlis

    Poser Pommie's Boutique vol.4-ArgyleCasualSweater for Dusk 2019-01-02

    This set contains 6 textures in mc6 format for the Sweater from the free DuskCasuals Outfit by Sanbie for Dusk. These textures are for Poser 9+ Products required to be able to use these textures; Dusk available at hivewire3d.com Sanbie's Dusk Casuals is free available at www.pfddelights.com...
  11. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Question about human textures

    This is just an informal poll about preferences. There is no wrong or right answer!
  12. Dusk And Miss Kitty

    Dusk And Miss Kitty

  13. A Night for Walls

    A Night for Walls

  14. Pre-season Training

    Pre-season Training

  15. R-R-R-R-Rombie


  16. Doug Hunter

    WIP Hunter 3D's Upcoming Products at HiveWire 3D

    This thread is for my products that I am working on for release in the Hivewire store. Thank you for visiting this thread and thank you for supporting my products. Please feel free to post any suggestion and/or comments you may have.
  17. Caisson's AKS-74U

    Caisson's AKS-74U

    The gun & poses are by me & available in the store, the background is from my product Autoturret. Scene set up in Poser 11 & rendered in Superfly.
  18. Dusk Manhattan

    Dusk Manhattan

  19. Ken1171

    Dawn in Reallusion CC3!

    It's now official! Reallusion has announced that HW Dawn will be fully compatible with their upcoming Character Creator 3 (CC3) as soon as next month (September 2018). Check out how pretty Dawn looks in their CC3 promo! ^____^ As far as I could see, CC3 will ship with state-of-the-art content...
  20. Family Feud

    Family Feud