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  1. Ken1171

    Dawn in Reallusion CC3!

    It's now official! Reallusion has announced that HW Dawn will be fully compatible with their upcoming Character Creator 3 (CC3) as soon as next month (September 2018). Check out how pretty Dawn looks in their CC3 promo! ^____^ As far as I could see, CC3 will ship with state-of-the-art content...
  2. Family Feud

    Family Feud

  3. For The Love Of Firefly

    For The Love Of Firefly

    After watching all 8 years of Castle, I just had to re-watch my Firefly and Serenity DVDs...which led to a frenzy of creating...
  4. Set And Spike

    Set And Spike

    More summer fun at the beach!
  5. To The Hive

    To The Hive

    Modeled Lightyear outfit, teddy, wombat, emu & echidna in Carrara Used Dusk & Hivewire Dog, flock formations
  6. King Dusk - Centaur update

    King Dusk - Centaur update

  7. Cowboy Dusk

    Cowboy Dusk

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  8. The American West

    The American West

  9. Alisa

    HiveWire Figure Sightings!!

    Have you seen an image at another site's gallery or somewhere else, or an animation or ANYTHING using one of the HiveWire figures? If so, please post here. You may NOT repost images/animations/etc without the permission of the original artist, but you MAY post a link that goes directly to that...
  10. Red Carpet Dusk

    Red Carpet Dusk

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  11. Marcello


    Sympatico Studio Promo
  12. Western Outfit for Dusk3

    Western Outfit for Dusk3

    Liam for Dusk SE prefers the Western Outfit in brighter colors. His horse prefers bright tulips!
  13. Western Outfit For Dusk2

    Western Outfit For Dusk2

    Rodrigo love the Bolo Tie and Conch Shell Belt decor that comes in the Western Outfit for Dusk. Lots of great colors for the clothing too. His mustang approves!
  14. Western Outfit for Dusk1

    Western Outfit for Dusk1

    Going western! Here's Bryant for Dusk SE sporting Ken1171's new Western Outfit and Boots, as well as a lovely V4 on his shoulder at the Best Little Saloon in Texas.
  15. Par T

    Par T

  16. A Stroll Through the Past

    A Stroll Through the Past

    HW merchants/products inspire my art!
  17. Farm Fresh

    Farm Fresh

  18. Moves


  19. Alien Slime

    Alien Slime

    Dusk and a couple of friends
  20. Becoming Endangered

    Becoming Endangered