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  1. Jackson Study

    Jackson Study

  2. Chill


  3. Presence


  4. Gadget Girl

    Beta testers needed for Poser morph randomizer for Dawn/Dusk/Luna

    So, I've been working on a script to randomize morphs for Dawn, Dusk, and Luna. It's a Poser script, and it's in a basic form right now. It allows you to choose from a few predefined groups, then asks you to enter a number for how extreme you want the possible morphs to be (it does recommend a...
  5. LoraLy

    Stop by the Island!

    Needing poses for Dawn and Dusk? Islandgirl has got you covered! Just released are pose packs that were previously sold at RDNA! IGD Chair Time For Dawn Poses - An islandgirl Creation IGD Dawn of the Dead Poses - An islandgirl Creation IGD Breaking Dawn Poses - An islandgirl Creation...
  6. Twilight


    Dusk with Rodrigo texture. Shape of torso and head remodeled by myself. A pity that the Rodrigo textures are delivered without tatoos but not unhairy. Anyway. For my IRAY render I created translucency maps and displacement maps myself. thanks for taking a peek
  7. Falconry


  8. Captain Rodrigo Rr

    Captain Rodrigo Rr

    Are you ok? take my hand!
  9. Rae134

    Runtime DNA is merging with Daz3D

    hmmm, saw a link to the Daz forum on my Facebook this morning saying Runtime DNA is merging with Daz3D. I wonder what that will mean for the Dawn/Dusk stuff from there?
  10. LeoLee

    Leo Lee's Freebies

  11. Steampunk Mechanic

    Steampunk Mechanic

  12. The Gardener

    The Gardener

    can you give me a glass of water please?
  13. Whoopsie


    Dusk, Dawn and 2 Harry's. The palomino is one that Lyne converted from one of her Mil horse textures. Both horses wearing the wonderful Classic Tack. I can't remember what dusk is wearing, I think it was a freebie from Sharegc (with an Iray shader texture added). Dawn is wearing the Huntress