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  1. In Darkness and Light

    In Darkness and Light

  2. Sweet Talkin

    Sweet Talkin

  3. R

    Dawn & Dusk in Carrara

    Dawn & Dusk in Carrara This is a sort of "How-to"to get Dawn and Dusk (Hivewire 3D female and male models) to work properly in Carrara (Daz 3D application). In fact, in my experience: Carrara can use Dawn and Dusk, but with some flaws. Luckily, you can overcome these flaws with a few...
  4. CWRW

    Poser & DS Taka Leap Pose 2016-05-26

    A free Leap Pose for Taka for Dusk. It is a Poser Pose file but I tested it in Daz 4.8 and it works great there. May be needed to be put in a Poser Directory and then accessed via "Poser Formats" through your Content Library. Will not show up under DS Smart Content.
  5. Unimpressed


  6. Gorilla


  7. Dusk-Vampire


  8. Dusk Dwarf

    Dusk Dwarf

  9. Dusk cowboy

    Dusk cowboy

  10. Dusk---A-Portrait


  11. Dusk4


  12. Dusk1


  13. The Mechanic

    The Mechanic

  14. CWRW

    CWRW Product Previews

    I figured it was time to finally make an official preview thread here for my own personal products. WIPs of products I am doing in direct collaboration with HiveWire will continue to show up under their respective threads. (ie: HiveWire Big Cat, HiveWire Horse and so on) I welcome your...
  15. Spaceship Commander

    Spaceship Commander

    DAZ Studio 4.9 / Iray Clothing Eagle Force for Dusk by Midnight_stories
  16. Waiting


    No work, no money, they wait for a knock at the door.
  17. The Enforcer Closeup

    The Enforcer Closeup

  18. Faery_Light

    Poser & DS Faery_Light's Sharecg Freebies 2016-04-24

    Some DAZ Studio and some Poser items for Dusk, dawn and other models. I will add more again soon.
  19. Tough Guy

    Tough Guy

  20. The Enforcer

    The Enforcer