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  1. Alisa

    A clone, A clone, A clone!!! for Dawn, Dusk & Baby Luna

    Attention, DAZ Studio users!! HiveWire 3D has updated the DAZ Studio versions of Dusk, Dawn Special Edition, and Baby Luna to add autofit clones!! ++++++++++++++++++ Dawn Special Edition - - A HiveWire 3D Creation by CGCubed, Christopher Creek Art, Lisa's Botanicals, and Virtual World - The...
  2. Dwarf Dusk

    Dwarf Dusk

    He got caught skinny dipping again. Poor little lad. He can't seem to get any privacy.
  3. The Winter Pass

    The Winter Pass

    Dusk wearing a refit of Littlefox's Lord Snow
  4. Mick G-Full

    Mick G-Full

  5. Mick G

    Mick G

    Experimenting with Texture Transformer and body scaling.
  6. Mick G portrait

    Mick G portrait

  7. RobZhena

    Dusk Texture Has Gone Whacko in PP 11--Any Ideas?

    Dusk's base texture has gone totally strange since I moved to Poser Pro 11. The odd thing is that if I apply character skins, they look normal. Does anyone have any idea why this is?
  8. At Your Right

    At Your Right

    there is a little helper
  9. Sunset Orc

    Sunset Orc

    Alaric II makes a cute Orc!
  10. Jakiblue

    Dusk getting SE update like Dawn?

    Was just wondering whether Dusk would get a Special Edition update like Dawn with iray settings for DS etc?
  11. Day At The Beach II

    Day At The Beach II

    Alaric II textures
  12. Day At The Beach

    Day At The Beach

    Alaric II, Quarter Horse with a little Shetland thrown in.
  13. Say Cheese

    Say Cheese

    Hive Wire Photo Opt!
  14. Classic Americana Cowboy

    Classic Americana Cowboy

  15. Gadget Girl

    WIP Privateer for Dusk

    So this is one of two projects I’m working on. It’s still in a very early stage, but I brought it in to Poser to see how it actually behaved, and it’s not looking bad considering how early it is. And since this is going to be a big project for me, I thought it would help encourage me as I go...
  16. Gadget Girl

    Poser Biblical Robe for Dusk and Axel 2016-03-30

    So, here is my Biblical Robe I've been working on. Please let me know if you find any issues with it, since this is the first piece of clothing I've created anything I can learn is great. *Note the sandals in the last picture are the ones that come with Axel.
  17. Hidden Dragon

    Hidden Dragon

  18. Gadget Girl

    Creating a morph from scaling

    So I feel like I saw how to do this once upon a time, but I can't find it anymore. I've created a robe for Dusk. Now that there is an Axel version for Poser, I went ahead and got Axel, and spent some time adjusting the robe to fit him. The biggest changes where scaling but there are some other...
  19. VampireDusk


  20. Jackson Study

    Jackson Study