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  1. LisaB

    Songbird Remix Bird of the Month!

    Welcome to our inaugural thread highlighting Ken Gilliland's Songbird Remix Bird of the Month. Each month we will feature a new bird or series of birds and will share a bit about them. This month's featured selection is Waterfowl Volume 2: Diving & Sea Ducks which are on sale at 40% off or...
  2. Faery_Light

    flTheEgg 2018-03-11

    For Poser and DAZ Studio, a set of 2 eggs that can be used for Easter or for decorating a table, dresser or curio cabinet. This consists of the object, cr2 and duf sets. Has 5 material files for each version and included templates for creating your own textures. The included Readme file has...
  3. Faery_Light

    A link for my new Freebie site.

    I just created a site to put all my freebies in one place so they are easier to find without searching. Here is the link, let me know if a link fails to work. They all work for me but I can make mistakes...lol. Faery Light's Digital Doings
  4. StudioMartillo

    SM Jazz Trio

    For those who have downloaded the Jazz Kit set, if have uploaded a replacement for the Ride cymbal. I think when we were testing it Lonnie got excited and hit it too hard. But I made a new one which will replace the broken one when you download it. Same source; shareCG
  5. Sparky

    Sparky's products at HiveWire

    My first thread on the new forum! It's been awhile since I've been able to work on 3D projects. Now that I am able to work again, the first item I have finished is this Reindeer/Caribou for both Dusk and Dawn. I was quite pleased with the way the hooves came out. Reindeer 01 by Sparky posted...
  6. Monica Preview

    Monica Preview

    My new product for Dawn. Rendered in Poser 11 Firefly with SSS and Indirect lights.
  7. Alisa

    Poser & DS KCTC Freebies 2015-12-05

    Kids & Cute Toons Club (KCTC) is a small, private, group of 3D artists who love to work with kids and cute toon characters. It was started by France (aka Francemi) in 2007 and is currently closed to any new members. We are not a workgroup, but like a gathering of good friends around the...