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Poser & DS KCTC Freebies 2015-12-05

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Kids & Cute Toons Club (KCTC) is a small, private, group of 3D artists who love to work with kids and cute toon characters. It was started by France (aka Francemi) in 2007 and is currently closed to any new members. We are not a workgroup, but like a gathering of good friends around the kitchen table. Sometimes we prepare freebies for the 3D Community at large. We also host freebies from our members who don't have a website. These freebies will be available on this website for as long as the webspace is available.

For France
February 1954 - April 2012
who created KCTC and was our leader, mentor, and most of all, our beloved friend.

She will live on through her great wealth of creations
and in the hearts and memories of all who knew and loved her

Please download and enjoy!
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I have so much in my runtime from KCTC, so much cute adorableness. I look at the Pippin clothes and wish I could convert them to Luna, they are soooo sweet.
so adorable
Nice Alisa and totally adorable creations!!