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  1. Ken1171

    RELEASED DUF Prop Converter Python Script for Poser 12

    ~DUF Prop Converter~ Since DSON has stopped working somewhere on late Poser 11 times, I could no longer load props and hair from DAZ Studio 4, and that had become a burden to me, limiting the assets I could use in Poser. So I decided to bite the bullet and research how much work would it to be...
  2. Ken1171

    RELEASED MAT Edit Python Script for Poser 12

    MAT Edit for Poser 12 One of the biggest limitation when editing materials in Poser has always been the fact that we can only select and edit a single material at a time. This is a general materials editor for Poser 12 that allows processing multiple materials, figures and props simultaneously...
  3. Fantasy Holders Props & Poses

    Fantasy Holders Props & Poses

    Fantasy Holders Props & Poses by Cyriona
  4. StudioMartillo

    Archetecture from the archives

    I was looking through my Lightwave 9 archives and came across this stuff. It was going to be a set of Poser props called Contemporary House Kit. Another kind of modular idea. There's a bunch of walls, a window, some kitchen stuff, and a washroom. This goes way back. Couldn't remember why they...
  5. Faery_Light

    flTheEgg 2018-03-11

    For Poser and DAZ Studio, a set of 2 eggs that can be used for Easter or for decorating a table, dresser or curio cabinet. This consists of the object, cr2 and duf sets. Has 5 material files for each version and included templates for creating your own textures. The included Readme file has...
  6. Gadget Girl

    No one reads anymore, not even 3d models.

    So I've had this idea for a render in my head for a while now that included Dawn sitting and reading a book. Because I've bought several scenes that include things like libraries and wizards towers and stuff I just assumed I had an open book prop. Turns out most of the book props I own are...
  7. Gadget Girl

    Poser BrickLayer Scenescapes prop placement 2016-03-15

    This is a script I made for myself a while ago, when I was using Mortem Vetus' Scenescapes packages. It allows you to select a prop, then duplicate that prop along a given axis. So for instance if you choose a 1m x 1m flagstone and the X axis, it will create a series of that same prop moving out...
  8. Lianam

    Liana's WIP Thread :)

    I ma just doing this to show what I am working at any given moment. It could be textures for clothes, meshes props etc), or renders. :)
  9. Alisa

    Poser & DS KCTC Freebies 2015-12-05

    Kids & Cute Toons Club (KCTC) is a small, private, group of 3D artists who love to work with kids and cute toon characters. It was started by France (aka Francemi) in 2007 and is currently closed to any new members. We are not a workgroup, but like a gathering of good friends around the...