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  1. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    IMArts Landscape Freebies - Painterly 2018-03-02

    20 Backgrounds suitable for painterly projects. These images are smaller than those available in my store. Further information is available at the download site.
  2. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    IMArts Landscape Freebies-Cartoon 2018-03-02

    20 Rendered and Painted backgrounds for various uses. Further information at the download site. These are all smaller images than what is available in my store.
  3. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    PD Howler

    Thought I would throw up a thread here for people who have questions and suggestions about Project Dogwaffle Howler (PD Howler) and PD Artist (also, PD Particles). I'm happy to answer, or find the answers for you. There is a 20% (I think) discount on the webinar in January right now (Digital Art...
  4. Dawn

    Freebie Watercolour Backgrounds

    Just been messing in filterforge and done some watercolour backs for ya. They are available in the resource section here at hivewire3d. Also look good inverted, so you get a double whammy. Watercolour Backgrounds
  5. Dawn

    Watercolour Backgrounds 2016-12-30

    10 Backgrounds in jpeg format. Sorry it's a bit late, but still 2016 :D number 3 used on the freebie stage prop
  6. NapalmArsenal

    RELEASED Hearts Of Africa Series

    Hearts Of Africa This is a collaboration effort among KageRyu, Seliah (Child of Fyre), and myself. We have formed a background image group and are centering the Hearts of Africa Series around different areas in Africa for your background images, HW Gorilla and Taka needs. Jungle Depths...
  7. Alisa

    Poser & DS KCTC Freebies 2015-12-05

    Kids & Cute Toons Club (KCTC) is a small, private, group of 3D artists who love to work with kids and cute toon characters. It was started by France (aka Francemi) in 2007 and is currently closed to any new members. We are not a workgroup, but like a gathering of good friends around the...
  8. NapalmArsenal

    My Free Items 2015-12-04

    My free items for your personal and commercial use. This is also a link to Fantasy Attic's Attic Free Zone! TONs of Freebies!!!:)