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Show Us Your HiveWire House Cat Renders Here!


Contributing Artist
Love those shirt textures mininessie and such adorable renders!! The Awesome Ness strikes again!! =)

The Creatures of the Night ......... Oh What Sweet Music They Make!

Products Used:
HiveWire HouseCat, CWRW's Tuxedo Kitty Coat textures, Lil' Putty Tat poses By Pommerlis, Catula morph for the HiveWire HouseCat (nearly done just have ads to do), Hooded Cloak, Dark Storm Collar, Lisa's Botanicals Tulips, Dark Embrace for Lisa's Botanicals Tulips BG image is a freebie from Renderosity, BG effects done in Filter Forge.


Contributing Artist
And NapalmArsenals spin dials Desertsilver, I don't think I would have pushed it that far if I wasn't playing with her morphs :D


I too have been playing in the hair room. It's hell of work editing every single body part, but it's worth it and after all you can save each cat as .cr2 for future use...
in the first image I did something wrong with the light, but over all I like the hair. At least it's ok for personal use. The second one is Kleopatra with some cats (housecat with the cougar texture). I might try hair room on the big cat, someday, too. Both are renderd in superfly.

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oh, I do like this, well done


Dream Weaver Designs
Contributing Artist
I love this Cat, so versatile :)
I'd scoffed at the stories and the warnings about being aboard so late, downed my ale and set off into the evening. It looked like a storm was coming so, with one last chuckle at the stories I had been told, took the old road through the wood to be home sooner.
Now I was beginning to wish very hard that I had left sooner or had stayed on the road and I definitely wished I hadn't laughed so loud at their stories of the Erlking...