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  1. Tsaro


    playing around with LAMH...
  2. Dark Brothers

    Dark Brothers

    Black Lions! I modified the textures in Photoshop to produce this tawny-black lion. I am very happy how it turned out. Please let me know what you think!
  3. Cleansing The Soul

    Cleansing The Soul

  4. I killed the Tulips!!

    I killed the Tulips!!

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  5. A Tribute to Stubbs

    A Tribute to Stubbs

    iray study HW Horse, HW Arab
  6. Snuggle Buddies

    Snuggle Buddies

    A cuddle puddle of tuxedo kitties:)
  7. Springtime Days

    Springtime Days

    HW House Cat
  8. Pondlife


    Some Nymphae and such^^
  9. Puma Portrait

    Puma Portrait

  10. Puma Power

    Puma Power

  11. Dressed To Kill

    Dressed To Kill

    This was a promo render for a cover contest on FaceBook (I'm an Admin so I can enter the contest myself). The theme was "Dressed to Kill". I couldn't find an Eskimo/Inuit Parka, so ended up retexuring Wilmaps G2M parka. Turned out pretty good, I thought!
  12. A Mother's Heart

    A Mother's Heart

    Mother and cub sharing that special bond.
  13. Dracona

    New Animals That we could use

    I would like to see Deer and other wood land animals that are not the hunters of the woods.
  14. Darryl

    Looking for landscape materials for Blender Internal

    Hi folks, I stumbled across a Cycles based landscape material that I've been using with Blender's ANT Landscape add on. It puts a grassy surface on flat areas of the mesh and a rocky surface on the more vertical areas. It's similar I think to how materials are set up in Terradome. I wondered if...
  15. Romanced by the Light

    Romanced by the Light

    Used Fantasy Gazebo with Giant Moths
  16. Catnapping


  17. Leopards Gaze

    Leopards Gaze

    Playing with the HiveWire Big Cat
  18. UrbanNatureSample_byPhotoGG_1600


    Urban Nature Sample
  19. UrbanNatureMiniPak_Widescreen2_ShowAll


    Previews of the images in the Urban Nature MiniPak
  20. LisaB

    Ken Gilliland - The Man Behind the SongBird ReMix Wings

    Just recently I had the pleasure of using Ken Gilliland's SongBird Remix Woodland Jewels in an image I was working on for the HiveWire 3D store and I was immediately impressed with the variety and attention to detail provided in the package. A quick click on the Woodland Jewels User Manual icon...