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  1. Black Panther Tribute

    Black Panther Tribute

  2. Shere Khan

    Shere Khan

  3. Tiger Study

    Tiger Study

  4. CWRW

    Poser & DS CWRW Siamese Character V2

    My Siamese Character for the HiveWire House Cat- we have fixed the Poser version so now it is properly scaled/no manual scaling required. Also included is a ReadMe - please do read it:) My Siamese texture set is not included/is available separately in the HW store. A HUGE Thank you to Janet...
  5. Mares and Foals/Tribute to Stubbs

    Mares and Foals/Tribute to Stubbs

  6. Western Sunset

    Western Sunset

  7. Friesian Study I

    Friesian Study I

  8. Burnished Copper

    Burnished Copper

    soft pastels, Lisa's Botanicals Tulips
  9. Magestic Spring

    Magestic Spring

    Pommelis's Poses Forest King for the HW Deer
  10. Herald of Spring

    Herald of Spring

  11. Chestnut Study

    Chestnut Study

  12. Taka Head Study Superfly

    Taka Head Study Superfly

  13. Hi There!

    Hi There!

  14. As One

    As One

  15. Roar!


  16. HW Antler Pack Poser

    HW Antler Pack Poser

    HiveWire Antler Pack by HiveWire3D & CWRW
  17. HiveWire Antler Pack Daz Studio

    HiveWire Antler Pack Daz Studio

    HiveWire Antler Pack by HiveWire3D & CWRW
  18. The Bond

    The Bond

  19. Peacock Kirin

    Peacock Kirin

  20. Flash in Western Bridle

    Flash in Western Bridle