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  1. Catnapping


  2. Leopards Gaze

    Leopards Gaze

    Playing with the HiveWire Big Cat
  3. Flashfire


    I love horses, things with wings, and beautiful sunsets! I thought I would put the two together as a few of my favorite things.
  4. Steampunk Adventurer

    Steampunk Adventurer

  5. In Darkness and Light

    In Darkness and Light

  6. Unbridled Spirit

    Unbridled Spirit

  7. CWRW

    Poser & DS Taka Leap Pose 2016-05-26

    A free Leap Pose for Taka for Dusk. It is a Poser Pose file but I tested it in Daz 4.8 and it works great there. May be needed to be put in a Poser Directory and then accessed via "Poser Formats" through your Content Library. Will not show up under DS Smart Content.
  8. The Mechanic

    The Mechanic

  9. CWRW

    CWRW Product Previews

    I figured it was time to finally make an official preview thread here for my own personal products. WIPs of products I am doing in direct collaboration with HiveWire will continue to show up under their respective threads. (ie: HiveWire Big Cat, HiveWire Horse and so on) I welcome your...
  10. Waiting


    No work, no money, they wait for a knock at the door.
  11. The Enforcer Closeup

    The Enforcer Closeup

  12. Tough Guy

    Tough Guy

  13. The Enforcer

    The Enforcer

  14. LisaB

    Laurie Prindle - The Woman Behind the CWRW Equine Magic

    HW3DLB - Many years ago now I first became acquainted with CWRW through her beautiful horse art. I was mesmerized by the vision and talent it took to create such spirit-filled, emotionally moving artwork. In the past year it has been an honor and a pleasure to be working with Laurie Prindle as...
  15. Mythic Spring

    Mythic Spring

  16. One Last Wistful Glance

    One Last Wistful Glance

    I love the wisteria and just wanted to do an image with it. The wisteria in the image are from photos.
  17. Hidden Dragon

    Hidden Dragon

  18. Jackson Study

    Jackson Study

  19. Give us a BIG kiss

    Give us a BIG kiss

    A big sloppy pony-kiss for poor Katie! Hivewire horse, Shetland morph plus additional scaling, Poser's Katie with scaling, CWRWs mane & tail layers and hose texture, my own headcollar. Postwork in Photoshop and PSP.
  20. Cutie and the Beast

    Cutie and the Beast

    HiveWire's new Shetland Pony meets the HW Beast!